Book Review: Thea Harrison’s “Peanut Goes to School”

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Book Review: Thea Harrison’s “Peanut Goes to School”

Peanut Goes to School

on June 30, 2014 and has 55 pages.

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This very short story is 6.7 in the Elder Races paranormal romance series, and the third in the Peanut internal trilogy. The focus is back on Peanut, and he’s definitely picking up on his parents’ morals.

Normally, I’d give this a “3”, but I love the message Harrison is sending in this…so…hey,I’m a sucker for child empowerment…

My Take
It’s a bit stiff, but a lot of fun to read. It’s all the crummy bits of school rolled into one day for Liam, and you can immediately tell that he’s not putting up with any crap. He’s honest, protective, and extremely observant.

He’s also a little boy with a little boy’s dreams and fantasies. Wrap them up in a being able to change into a flying dragon, and…whoa, nelly, lol. He’s also a little boy with a child’s fears.

It’s a family with a few upgrades in ability. It’s a boy on a fast track of growth, one most moms will be grateful their children aren’t going through at quite the same pace.

“It was so charming how Pia’s thinking went straight to the justice system, while he thought of things like vivisection and dismemberment.”

You will crack up as you read how Liam analyzes situations and decides on what he thinks are the best actions. It still makes me laugh when I re-read what he tells Marika about long-term commitments, lol. We’d all be a lot better off if we did as well as Liam. That comment Hugh makes about cows…well, it’s not the sort of statement you expect to make to little boys.

Ooh, I do love Pia’s comment to the principal. I suspect it sums up how most teachers and school officials are about bullies.

It’s the best of Dragos and Pia all wrapped up in one little boy. You can’t help but be proud of him.

The Story

Pia and Dragos are concerned that Peanut is growing too fast, and they’re desperate that he have the chance to play with children his own size. So Peanut, er, Liam, is going to school!

In the end, it’s just like Spy Wyr, Liam’s favorite game — Liam is positive that Uncle Graydon will send him out on mission. And school is exactly that, a mission.

The Characters

Peanut, oops, I mean, Liam Cuelebre, er, Liam Giovanni, is six months old and the size of a five-year-old. Intellect-wise, he’s much smarter than most mature adults. He’s a dragonshifter like his dad, a white one. And all that eavesdropping has been paying off.

Dragos Cuelebre is a dragonshifter, and the most powerful one in our world. He still hasn’t recovered from the accident in “Pia Saves the Day“, 6.6. He’s mated to a Pia, a dainty and loving lady. Hugh is one of his nannies. Eva is one of Pia’s bodyguards.

Graydon and Constantine are some of Dragos’ sentinels. Kris is one of Dragos’ assistants.

Mrs. Elora Teaberry is Liam’s schoolteacher. Hopefully there aren’t many like her in the school systems. Doreen Chambers is the principal. Mr. Huddleston is another teacher.

Marika is the Dark Fae girlfriend. Andrew is the ringleader and Joel and Brad are his tools. Perrin is the kid they were picking on.

The Cover and Title

I do love this cover. Peanut is such a cutie in this partial full face close-up with a blurry classroom behind him.

The title is exactly what happens, “Peanut Goes to School”.


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