Book Review: John Sandford’s Sudden Prey

Posted September 16, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: John Sandford’s Sudden Prey

Sudden Prey

by Lucas Sandford


Series: Lucas Davenport #8

Other books by this author that I've reviewed include Mind Prey.

Genres: Detective Mystery, Mystery

This Paperback has 374 pages and was published by Berkley on May 1, 1997. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

Eighth in the Lucas Davenport detective mystery series based in Minneapolis.

My Take

Geez, the cops are screwed if they try to follow the rules, and they’re screwed if they try to save lives. They caught the bank robbers, shouldn’t that cut some slack?? Yeah, and then there’s the other side. The cops who’ll frame someone up to get them off the street. I was just reading a post on the domino effect, and oh boy, it’s goin’ on here in Sudden Prey what with Sandra terrified of both her brother-in-law and his people and not trusting the cops to do right by her. It’s complicated by the fact that Sandy has nursing skills that Dick and company force her to use.

Why is it that crooks always get upset when their actions lead to their own deaths? It’s a chance they take when they choose to commit a crime. So, duh… Then again, I hate to agree with the crooks, but they do have a point about all the laws that limit so much of what we’re “allowed” to do.

The Story

It’ll be an eye for an eye with Dick LaChaise and his crew taking out loved ones right and left. A bad response when it comes to taking out cops’ families. Cops are one thing. Their loved ones are not, and yet Stadic keeps flapping his jaws.

The Characters

Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport is a political appointee and a games developer whose net worth is now said to be about $10 mil. Dr. Weather Karkinnen is a surgeon, and they’re engaged! Richard Small, a v-p at TV3’s parent corporation, is married to Jennifer Carey, a TV news reporter and the mother of Lucas’ little girl, Sarah.

The cops
Del Capslock makes for a good wino as he helps stake out the bank gang, and he’s married to Cheryl, a nurse. Franklin; Sloan is with Intelligence and the best interrogator on the force; Frank Lester is head of investigations; Anderson; Barney Kittelson is the head of patrol; Anita Segundo is the press liaison; Arne Palin is set up; and, Dewey is a shooter. Sherrill has recovered from being shot four months ago in Mind Prey, 7; she’s separated from Mike, a car salesman. Danny Kupicek is an everyman whom any man trusts, and he’s married to Elaine who works in an electronics store. Rose Marie Roux is the politically savvy police chief. Stan is the mayor. Bill Lock is sheriff in Dunn County.

The bank robbers
Georgie LaChaise is Dick’s sister. Candy LaChaise is a sport killer who kills to see people die; she kills Farris, a bank visitor. She’s married to Dick LaChaise, who is in prison and out on a funeral visit, escorted by Wayne O. Sand, a jerk of a guard. Dick has also been a big deal in the Seeds, a militia-like motorcycle gang that deals in drugs, weapons, and prostitutes. Amy LaChaise is their nightmare of a mother. Logan is the funeral director. Duane Cale is a ditz the girls carry.

Sandy Darling operates a horse ranch and is Candy’s sister who wants nothing to do with Dick or his crew, except the cops scare her more. Elmore is the husband she no longer wants around. Dexter Lamb sets them up. Crazy Ansel Butters is tired and a hunter who uses a lot of drugs. Bill Martin is a hunter with a preference for a bow-and-arrow, who sells guns and seems to have a hard-on for Dick.

Daymon Harp is a drug dealer who lives above a laundromat he uses to launder his ill-gotten gains. Jasmine is the girlfriend he’s not too worried about. Andy Stadic is a corrupt cop willing to betray anyone. Sell-More is a junkie who might have seen too much.

Earl Stupella is a bartender at the Blue Bull who snitches for Lucas. Sally O’Donald has some information. Reginald “Buster” Brown is a scanner freak and a double amputee who recognizes names.

The Cover & Title

The cover has an amorphous background with a leaning screen door with some fancy corner fretwork and a shadow silhouetted behind the door in a brightly lit room.

The title is what loves ones suddenly become, Sudden Prey for crazed men.

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