Book Review: Jennifer L. Armentrout’s “Ice Cream”

Posted June 21, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews, Young Adult

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Book Review: Jennifer L. Armentrout’s “Ice Cream”

"Ice Cream"

by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Series: Lux #1.1

Other books by this author that I've reviewed include Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin, White Hot Kiss, Opposition, The Cage, Obsession, Stone Cold Touch.

Genres: Romance, Science Fiction

This eBook has 3 pages and was published by the author

This is a deleted scene from Obsidian, 1, in the romantic science fiction series for Young Adults and revolving around Kat Swartz and Daemon Black.

You can find it at Scribd, but you’ll have to take out a subscription.

My Take

For so few pages, it certainly provides a lot of information on a variety of characters. It also provides a range of Kat’s reactions to Daemon, all the way from annoyance to embarrassment to heated longings.

The bad part? She talks about ice cream…and I haven’t any in the house, dang it.

The Story

It starts as a lighthearted moment for Daemon and serves only to remind Kat of the danger that exists out there for her. A danger she happily subsumes in a dish of ice cream swimming in a lake of chocolate syrup.

The Characters

Katy Swartz has become a hybrid after her “death”, and she’s glowing like a beacon to the Luxen enemies.

Daemon Black is one of three triplets with his sister Dee and his missing brother Dawson. All three are Luxen, aliens.

The Title

The title is Kat’s aim, “Ice Cream”.

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