Book Review: 3 Free Shorts by Seanan McGuire

Posted August 8, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

This book came from the author as a free story, and I will never give you less than an honest review, no matter its source. I do provide informational and purchase links to make it more convenient for you to access the book. I also receive a percentage of the sale if you use one of my links to buy it. And that's not enough money to be less than truthful *grin*.

Book Review: 3 Free Shorts by Seanan McGuire

Black as Blood, Blocked, White as a Raven's Wing

by Seanan McGuire


Series: InCryptid #2.1, InCryptid #2.5, InCryptid #2.6

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Genres: Urban Fantasy

This eBook has 69 pages and was published by the author

It’s three free short stories (PDF, MOBI, and ePUB) that occur between Midnight Blue-Light Special, 2, and Half-Off Ragnarok, 3, in Seanan McGuire’s Incryptid urban fantasy series; see the chronological listing of the InCryptid books on my website for the complete list.


“Blocked”, 2.1
“Black as Blood”, 2.5
“White as a Raven’s Wing”, 2.6

The Short Stories


“It’s nice to meet the people we never expected to become.”

It’s a hard life for a young girl, and this is very informative as to why Antimony is such an angry, angry teen, and I cannot blame her. It’s her cousin Elsie who will introduce her to her next love, the viciousness of which fits right in with her childhood upbringing.

“Black as Blood”

It’s the first time Ryan has brought a girl home to meet his family, and he’s tense. He’s tanuki, she’s waheela, and a tanuki must mate and have children to build their species back up after the Covenant massacres.

The story is useful information, but definitely NOT one of my favorites. I suspect it’s that bitch of a mother. It is an interesting introduction to waheela culture.

“White as a Raven’s Wing”

Awww, Ryan asks Izzy to marry him, and she’ll “return the favor” from “Black as Blood” by taking him home to meet her family.

Izzy is so cute, in her big wolf-bear waheela person. Her Lolita-style clothing. Her stilted speech. Her very literal interpretation of anything said to her.

Waheela culture also seems to be very poetic as Izzy goes all mystical at the drop of a hat. It’s a fascinating contrast with waheela culture and Izzy herself. And waheela culture is, well, disgusting is a mild word. Really makes you appreciate what Izzy has done to fit in in New York.

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