Book Review: Craig Johnson’s “Eleven/Twenty-Nine”

Posted December 30, 2016 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: Craig Johnson’s “Eleven/Twenty-Nine”


by Craig Johnson


Series: Walt Longmire #11.75

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Genres: Mystery, Police Procedural

This eBook has 13 pages and was published by the author on December 2016. Discover more about it at Goodreads.

I reckon it’s 11.75 in the Walt Longmire mystery series and revolving around a folksy, caring Absaroka County sheriff in Wyoming.

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My Take

A nice bit of humor and the caring support Walt is known for, as he indulges in assorted flashbacks about a prisoner the jail has held for almost a year. He’s the kind of prisoner I could use around the house…

But getting back to Walt…I absolutely adored Walt’s approach to Eddie throughout the year. He took note of a range of Eddie’s issues and then dealt with them, in a low, underhanded *grin*, very subtle manner. It’s too bad this idea can’t be (wouldn’t be??) incorporated by correction departments and schools throughout the world!!

There was an interesting bit on how different Bibles interpret the same verse…which is a fascinating confirmation on how much the different versions change depending upon who’s writing it.

Yeah, you know, that’s another thing I love about Walt Longmire…Johnson has created an entire story in just over 3,500 words.

The Story

It’s a domestic dispute that escalated and frightened the family. Enough so that a call was made, and Ruby insisted on going along.

Not the best move, in Walt’s opinion.

The Characters

Walt Longmire is the sheriff of Absaroka County. Lola, Cady (Walt’s daughter), and Vic (Walt’s girlfriend) are mentioned but not present. Dog, a.k.a., Grendel, is Walt’s dog. Bullet is the name Walt has bestowed on his car.

Ruby is the dispatcher. Saizarbitoria is one of Walt’s deputies. Judge Verne Selby is anti-violence toward police officers.

Eddie Byers, a.k.a., the Count of Monte Cristo, got into it with his family almost a year ago. Delores is the grandmother. Eddie also has a brother, two cousins, and a set of divorced parents.

The Title

The title is the jail sentence handed down, “Eleven/Twenty-Nine”.

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