Word Confusions…

The Word Confusion came about due to the poor word choices that kept cropping up in the books I was reading or reviewing. It was driving me mad, and I decided a series of posts that cleared up the confusion would be useful to self-editing writers.

Word Confusions explores the words that many authors misuse in their writing — and it’s not just self-publishing authors who screw up. I recently did a re-read of J.D. Robb’s In Death series, reading them one after another, and hoo, boy. Someone over there has no clue. This reading marathon pointed up how often and frequently Robb’s editors are NOT catching words used improperly! I don’t think much of whoever is proofreading over at Berkley.

Click an evolving list of words to explore the current posts on words which confuse many authors. Explore it and reduce or eliminate them from your own publications.

Anatomy of a Word Confusion

The part of grammar to which each word belongs is specified and includes a link to its definition (from the Grammar Explanations section) in case you’ve forgotten or want more clarification.

The part of grammar section is followed by a definition of the word, after which sentences provide examples of how each word is used in its various grammatical categories.

I began to include the verbals (which are distinct from phrases) as well as the derivatives, as those can be useful as well.

“History of the Word” is included as an aid for writers working on historical tales. Choose to use the olde version or not, how ever it may help deepen your story.

This list is in no way complete, and I’d love it if you’d send your own suggestions and comments…I don’t necessarily promise to include them, but…

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