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My particular articles, books, posts, and tutorials are available on KD Did It. Each has been written in response to what happens in my life. I obsess about lists, research, and wanting to be prepared. That or have quick access to information! Don’t expect long-winded, verbose manuals full of theory. If I’m using a help manual, I want to find the information fast so I can get on with what I really need to accomplish. Reading a 700-page tome with tons of theory is not gonna make me happy…

Your Portfolio & You:
    A Marketing Series for Artists

Your Portfolio & You: Marketing for Artists is a marketing, business, and organizational tool focused on artists and with useful information for anyone interested in starting up a small business. There are four articles available to read online with a free template you can download and use. There are also four books available on some crucial topics for artists.

If I Die: Being prepared for incapacity or death

If I Die: Being prepared for incapacity or death is designed to prepare you or your family for you or someone you love being incapacitated or dying. There are six free forms available to help.

Online Tutorials

These tutorials are free sets of online guides in using or creating, which evolved from my use of the software or a communal need. Some of the articles and mini-tutorials are available on my blog and encompass creating DMG packages for Macintosh programs, customizing Mail email templates, php-like menus for iWeb, etc.

Consider them miniature software manuals providing a set of step-by-step instructions on using the particular software.

Adobe Contribute – a content management (CMS) software program which enables non-technical users to add to and edit web pages.

Create DMG Packages is a way of making it easier for your client to install any software application, customized email template, or any other project which requires installation into your client’s Macintosh. A simple drag-and-drop on your part, attach it to an email, and it’s another easy drag-and-drop for your client.

Design a customized email template (Macs only!) to complement your client’s website and then use the DMG tutorial above to deliver it.

Customize iWeb Sites an introductory tutorial to using Apple’s iWeb aimed at people interested in creating a WYSIWIG website. Take iWeb’s templates and soar beyond.

None of the online tutorials are available for mobile browsers due to screen size restrictions

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