Creating a custom email message for clients to send themselves

Posted September 27, 2010 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

In working on a client’s mobile website, I needed to make the mobile viewer aware of the coupon available (from the client). Unfortunately, they can’t print the coupon from a mobile phone and I certainly didn’t want to lose this opportunity to promote the client so I needed the viewer to be able to remind him/herself.

Voila! Or is that eureka!?! If the viewer could click an image link which would then create an email message which the viewer could send to him/herself. And, wanting to make this process as painless for the viewer as possible, I really, really wanted to include the URL for the promotions page and a message reminding the viewer why they were (had?) sent this message to themselves.

Dave Taylor had a great suggestion to deal with this little marketing issue.

First, create a standard mailto link:

<a href="mailto:   >    </a>

I’m not adding in a mailto address as I want the viewer to fill in with their own address

Add a subject so the viewer doesn’t think it’s junk mail

<a href="mailto: ?Subject=My Promotions coupon at 
DR. PLUMBER">   </a>

Well, if I got this email I wouldn’t remember why I’d sent it, so we need something in the body of the message

<a href="mailto:.....&body=Sending myself the link 
to the latest DR. PLUMBER coupon, www.yourdrplumber
.com/promotions.html">    </a>

Which ends up with the following as the complete link making life easy for the viewer (and potential client!).

<a href="mailto:  ?Subject=Promotions coupon at DR. 
PLUMBER&body=Sending myself the link to the latest 
DR. PLUMBER coupon,
<img src="../images/coupons/buttonCoupon.png" alt="Send 
yourself a printable coupon from DR. PLUMBER" width="108"
 height="" />

Try it out for yourself!