Antonym for the Suck Fairy?

Posted September 28, 2010 by Kathy Davie in

by Kathy Davie

Ran across an interesting article at TOR about the Suck Fairy by Jo Walton.  It seems the Suck Fairy bestows a fatal nongift when one rereads a book previously enjoyed and you discover upon the reread that this book actually sucks…!

Now, I have had a few of those.  And I’ve also had a few that were the reverse.  The book you read and thought it sucked but then somehow you ended up reading it again…in my case, because I’ve forgotten I had previously read it or I somehow read its sibling in the series queue and wanted to read the whole series “in situ” so to speak.

So, what is the antonym for Suck Fairy?  Enlightenment Fairy?  No, too intellectually positive. The obvious is the UnSuck Fairy but so very unpoetic.  Possibly the Ah-Hah Fairy…?  Or, even the Huh? Fairy.  Maybe the Well-Whadda-Ya-Know Fairy…  I dunno…what do you think??