John Ringo & Tom Kratman, Yellow Eyes

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Yellow Eyes
Series: Posleen War, 8; SideStories, 2
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How depressing. Turns out the State Department has been working with the Darhel, and against the Earth, since 1932.

Yellow Eyes takes place in Panama when the Posleen are overrunning Washington D.C.

This story is a bit of a departure from the usual as we learn a lot more about the history of the Posleen and their creators, the Aldeant’, as well as the Posleen religion.

I’m not sure what Ringo and Kratman were drinkin’ when they wrote this one…they have an AID going mad and blending with the USS Des Moines becoming one sentient being who just happens to fall in love with the rejuved captain whom the ship remembers from an earlier stint of his aboard. And the ship’s cats are aware of it.

So the Des Moines has become Daisy Mae with a need for pretty clothes and the enjoyment of an orgasm between the two PBMRs when a crewman scrubs that bit of deck…where are they going with this???

Ringo and Kratman have whales and Posleen getting drunk… Well, I suppose considering how the corrupt members of various governments and the military are selling Earth out to the Darhel and the Posleen, it’s only fair. I will never understand that lack of honor…ah, man…

it does amaze me how they can write such an incredibly depressing story and still make events rise above it…I always find myself shouting “yahoo!!”

I do love their sense of humor!

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