Shiloh Walker, The Beginning

Posted January 13, 2011 by Kathy Davie in

Series: Hunters, 1 & 2
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

For an essentially erotic romp, there actually is an interesting story here which I’m looking forward to continuing although…be warned, it is overly melodramatic.

Declan and Tori
Tori, a private detective, is approached by a young dancer who claims to be stalked by a vampire. A claim Tori soon discovers is true when she is attacked by the same vicious vampire. Warned by a bodiless voice, Tori hides until she can get to Declan, a cop who has been after her for some time for help. Together, they discover how Tori differs from a vampire and together they travel to see Eli, an old, old friend of Declan’s. And a good thing, because the vamp that turned Tori is seeking her, attempting to kill her. To break his hold, Declan and Eli must distract her and give her the strength to tear away from his influence…whew…what a way to break!

Eli and Sarel
As much as Eli loves Tori, she belongs to Declan and Eli is aching for a partner of his own. A partner he has sought for over 300 years. Still, he has managed to bring meaning to his life through his work as a Hunter for the Council. Between assignments to take down feral wolves, vampires, and witches, Eli fills his time destroying evil: men who prey on those weaker than themselves. Unfortunately, Sarel is so blind with rage that she refuses to see the good that Eli does and she goes after him with a blood curse.

Tori and Declan are so attuned to Eli that they feel it when he is struck down by Sarel’s poisoned arrow. Only Tori’s blood is keeping Eli alive as they wait for one of the Council Healers to help him and as they hunt for the witch who brought him down.

Somehow, they must convince Sarel to willingly give of her blood to counter the curse she laid on him…

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