Judith O’Brien, A Gift of Love

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A Gift of LoveA Gift of Love by Judith O’Brien
Series: Foster Sisters, 1 (Double Exposure)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All of the stories revolve around love and Christmas.

Judith McNaught’s Double Exposure falls in the middle of the second book of the Foster Sisters series—it’ll make sense when you read it! Corey has put her childhood love for Spencer Addison out of her mind after his thoughtless act until she encounters him at a Foster Ideal wedding where the shoe is suddenly on the other foot. Lovely story with a fun twist.

Jude Deveraux’s Just Curious was cute and sweet when it turns out the shoe is also on another foot as Karen learns the whole truth about her boss, M(alignant) J(erk) Taggert. Even a day later, I’m still rather bemused by Taggert’s actions…

Kimberly Cates’ Gabriel’s Angel had good intentions with a good historical storyline. If only she hadn’t distracted me so badly with her complete ignorance of the time period’s culture and mores.

Andrea Kane’s Yuletide Treasure was a cute historical romance with a lot of holes. The major plot revolved around his dead sister’s daughter who had to be brought to realize what a treasure she was. Holes-wise, please…what servants wouldn’t have realized the truth of his sister’s character and if he lost all his money, what did his sister plan to travel and live on when she took off? And he farms the kid out on his neighbors for four years??

Obviously, Kane got money to produce a story and it didn’t matter how well it was done.

Judith O’Brien’s Five Golden Rings was so incredibly sweet. I cried at the almost-end and I still wonder how it did end for the first Emma and Michael. How lucky can two people get? I do want to read more of her work.

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