Kelley Armstrong, Tales of the Otherworld

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Tales of the OtherworldTales of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong
Chronological placement within the Women of the Otherworld series: Rebirth, 0.1
              Bewitched, 0.8
              Birthright, 0.5
              Beginnings, 0.6
              Expectations, 0.9
              Ghosts, 01.1
              Wedding Bell Hell, 3.5??
              Case of El Chupacabra , 8.2??
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A couple of the tales are somewhat independent; the rest fill in background on the principal characters in Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series.

Rebirth tells of Aaron’s introduction to the undead life; Aaron, today, is a co-delegate on the Council with Cassandra.

Bewitched is the story of how Kristof and Eve met, their singular courtship, and why Eve left.

Birthright chronicles Logan’s introduction to the Danvers Pack.

Beginnings finally gives us the background on Clay and Elena’s courtship ending with his biting her.

Expectations occurs before Lucas meets Paige and after Eve has left Kristof. Lucas has been told of a grimoire held by Eve Levine and he finally decides that he will have to steal it from her if only to keep the Cabals from going after Eve. (Savannah is old enough to be going to school.)

Ghosts is Jeremy’s remembrances of the aftermath of Clay biting Elena. It takes place during Bitten after Clay has gone up to Toronto to protect Elena who is living with Philip because Daniel and his gang has attacked the Pack.

Wedding Bell Hell is the funniest story in this collection. It’s the weeks before Lucas and Paige’s wedding and Benicio is determined to “help” somehow, anyhow…

Case of El Chupacabra fills in the blanks of how Lucas and Paige got their hands on their new Portland offices. It also signals the start of Sean’s comeout.

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