Amanda Quick, Mistress

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MistressMistress by Amanda Quick
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Yes, the title is quite accurate as this tale is about a woman faking being a notorious lord’s mistress while he’s in the country—well, she thinks the Earl of Masters is dead by his blackmailer’s hands and that it won’t matter what she’s up to. Her purpose in pursuing this course is to find out who is blackmailing her widowed aunt; Iphiginia Bright believes that it can only be the men who know both the late Lord Guthrie and Marcus Cloud, Earl of Masters.

Unfortunately for Iphiginia, Masters is not dead and, when he learns of Iphiginia’s activities, comes back to town to confront her at the Fenwicks’ ball. He quickly finds himself both physically and intellectually attracted to the widow Bright and agrees to allow her masquerade to continue, only, he doesn’t intend for it to be a masquerade any longer.

It didn’t take long for me to remember why I don’t like Quick. Yes, she does tell an interesting tale if only she would take into account the culture and manners of the time period in which she writes. I find that this lack of attention is very irritating and takes away from my enjoyment.

I did enjoy the fanciful cover with its Cinderella-like coach of white and gold.

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