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The Reckoning (Darkest Powers, #3)The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
Series: Darkest Powers, 3
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Story
We open with Chloe, Simon, Derek, and Tori arriving with Andrew at a safe house having escaped an earlier attack. Shortly after their arrival, Andrew’s fellows show up to meet the kids and hear their story. Only one of them actually believes them and she’s too young to have much influence to push for the teens’ deepest desire—an assault upon the Edison Group to rescue Rae and Aunt Lauren.

The primary task for the teens and their new allies is to teach the kids how to wield their powers. A task that backfires for Chloe when Margaret insists upon taking her to a cemetery. Chloe tries to tell Margaret that she can already raise the dead but Margaret, insecure in her own talent, insists that Chloe can’t possibly do such a thing especially without the necessary herbs and such. Even with Tori’s support as a witness, Margaret continues to insist that Chloe do as she is told leading to a massive upheaval in the graveyard.

There’s even enough time for Chloe and Simon to have their first date. A disaster as it turns out. The night when Derek finally achieves his Change is also the night the kids uncover a major betrayal and find out who is behind the attempts to take out Derek. They also come across a very nasty ghost from whom they learn more about the beginnings of the Edison Group and the disastrous consequences of being a modified supernatural.

Chloe learns something startling about Tori and we also discover that Armstrong is tying this series in with her Women of the Otherworld series by pulling in the Cabals, which play such a nasty part there. Here the Edison Group is being run by the St. Clouds.

Hmmm, if we’re in New York and there’s a Pack trying to acquire Derek, what are the chances it’s Jeremy’s Pack? They could be good allies in this fight, especially if they bring in the Interracial Council with Paige and Lucas, which would then involve the Cortez Cabal. Ooh, the possibilities!

Armstrong also sets up a new antagonist: in trying to escape, yet again, Chloe makes a deal with the demi-demon we met in Awakening only to discover why it is never a good idea to deal with one when her master comes through. The master takes a very strong liking to Chloe…ewwww…

The Characters
All the kids have been genetically modified by the Edison Group: Chloe is fifteen and is a necromancer while Tori is a witch capable of casting spells without speaking. Derek and Simon are brothers [foster]; Derek is a werewolf, the only one of four whom the Edison Group has allowed to survive while Simon is a sorcerer. Both were placed in the foster care system when their father went on the run.

Andrew is one of Simon and Derek’s dad’s best friends and a former member of the Edison Group. He now works with a splinter group to modify or stop what they are doing…we/he thinks.

Aunt Lauren, Dr. Fellows to you and I, had a change of heart in the last book, Awakening, helped the kids escape the trap and was captured.

Dr. Davidoff is one of the bad guys; he heads up the Edison Group.

Liz is the ghost of one of the teens the Edison Group killed; she just wasn’t working out the way they wanted. Fortunately, Chloe’s necromancy contacted Liz and she helps Chloe and company by spying and her telekinetic abilities.

My Take
I am so enjoying this series. While aimed at Young Adults, Armstrong does not talk down to her audience although I did find in this installment that there is less attention paid to the fact that the kids are teens with all their issues and angst. Quite possibly because their current issues are so far removed from the norm!

The Cover
The cover is appropriate in a subtle way. It’s a lower face and upper chest shot of a girl wearing a large purple jewel. It’s the purple that is the misnomer. Supposedly, it protects Chloe from ghosts but it was red like a ruby when she first received it and it turns blue by this story.

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