Book Review: Charlaine Harris’ Must Love Hellhounds

Posted May 21, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Charlaine Harris’ Must Love Hellhounds

Must Love Hellhounds


Charlaine Harris, Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh

It is part of the , , , series and is a paranormal romance, short stories, urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Berkley on September 1, 2009 and has 361 pages.

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This anthology of four short stories revolves around hellhounds, the dogs from hell.

In 2009, Must Love Hellhounds won the P.E.A.R.L. (Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature) for Best Romance Anthology.


“Angels’ Judgment” (Guild Hunters, 0.5)

“Magic Mourns” (Kate Daniels, 3.5)

“Blind Spot” (Guardians, 5.5)
“Britlingens Go to Hell” (claims to be 9.2 in the Sookie Stackhouse series and 9 in the Sookie Stackhouse Universe; I can’t see any connection at all. I must’a missed sumpin’.)

The Stories

Charlaine Harris’ “Britlingens Go to Hell” is about a mercenary troupe, specifically two female bodyguards and their mark. It is not one of Harris’ better efforts.

Nalini Singh’s “Angels’ Judgment” is what hooked me on Singh’s Guild Hunters series. The heat between Sara and Deacon the night they meet and how beautifully Deacon deals with Sara accepting the post of Director of the Guild Hunters in New York. It also explains their new hellhound puppy’s name, Slayer, and his arrival in their lives.

Ilona Andrews’ “Magic Mourns” finally resolves Raphael’s pursuit of Andrea as they fight off Ceberus long enough to allow Aunt B to properly mourn. This is the story that turned me on to the Kate Daniels series.

Meljean Brooks’ “Blind Spot” introduces Maggie to Geoff Blake when they hunt for the kidnappers of Geoff’s sister, Katherine. One of whom is a sore spot from Maggie’s past that could do some serious damage. I’m guessing it does tidy up some questions from earlier stories in the series. I must find more in this series! LOL, if only to read more about Sir Pup!!

The Cover and the Title

Okayyy, can you say…kinky?? She is one hot mama in her brief, midriff-baring, black leather bustier, and leather pants holding the chains on two black, very alert hellhounds.

As for the title, each story finds a reason why someone Must Love Hellhounds.