Book Review: Lora Leigh’s Forbidden Pleasure

Posted July 3, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Lora Leigh’s Forbidden Pleasure

Forbidden Pleasure


Lora Leigh

erotic romance that was published by St. Martin's Griffin on June 12, 2007 and has 335 pages.

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Eighth in the Bound Hearts erotic romance series. The threesome focus is on Keiley, Mac, and Jethro Riggs and, yeah, a bit out of the main stream for this series, as this story takes place on Mac’s family farm in North Carolina.

My Take

This is my favorite of the series. I think it’s the kitchen…no, seriously, I like this one for the depth to which Leigh takes the characters. It’s more of a psychological exploration with the protagonists with the added sensuality of the sex, as well as a peep at what makes a serial stalker tick. I doubt we could ever learn what makes a woman like Delia think…

There’s such an amazing sweetness in this story, so much caring between Mac, Keiley, and Jethro, but also between them and the McCoys’ friends in Scotland Neck. All three of them are highly moral people; they just have a bit of a kink. I just love how all their friends rally round—even Mr. Staten! A nice combination of decent people, scary suspense, and hot, dominant loving.

I like Kei’s feisty approach to Mac and their friends especially that Maxine. What a firecracker she is! Neither Kei nor Maxine take any shit from anyone and they are so supportive of each other.

Mac is so sneaky! He knows very well what Jethro is expecting when he summons him to be his third. And Mac [and we] know what he really intends. Keiley is fascinated by the idea, but she worries about how it could affect her love for Mac. How wrong it is to move beyond a mental fantasy and make it a reality.

Oh, man, when you read the back history on each of the primary protagonists…you just wanna cry. I think Jethro’s experience was the worst. I just can’t imagine family doing something like this to one another.

I really only have one whine and that’s when Max takes Keiley to task for missing meetings, I’m missing something. As far as I can tell, Keiley only missed one meeting. What’s the big deal?

The Story

Mac and Kei have been married a few years now. Just long enough for them to be a bit too comfortable. For Mac to miss the options available through the Sinclair Club. For Kei to start wondering more actively about the rumors she had heard about Mac. About Jethro. To wonder what it would be like.

Then Kei starts losing things. A dress she can’t find. A comb going missing. Perfume, a pen. Nothing you’d notice in the normal span of life. Little things that don’t mean anything unless it’s part of a stalker’s routine.

The ladies’ organization to which Kei belongs has been planning their annual fair to raise money for charitable causes and two of its leading lights are Victoria Staten and her daughter-in-law, Delia Staten. Victoria befriended Mac decades ago. Giving him an outlet away from his abusive father. Delia. Delia is another story. Oh, she befriended Mac too, years ago. But she’s a viper, out to hurt anyone she can and Mac got away before she could get her teeth into him. Now he’s back. With a wife. Not that that could stop Delia Staten.

Then there’s Mac’s old partner from the FBI, Jethro Riggs. It hasn’t been the same for Jethro since Mac retired. Got married. Without Mac’s warming influence, Jethro has been getting colder and more remote. More enforced leaves of absence from the agency for unprovoked violence. With this latest forced leave and Mac’s sexual restlessness, Mac asks Jethro to come down for a visit. A visit that both excites and terrifies Kei.

The Characters

Keiley Hardin McCoy is a computer analysis and programming expert who works from home. She’s fit into Mac’s old hometown quite well, serving on a number of committees and participating in the community. She’s extremely sensitive to gossip due to what her parents put her through.

John “Mac” McCoy is a former FBI agent, who specialized in undercover sex crimes along with Jethro Riggs, an FBI agent who spends more time on suspension than actually working. Joseph McCoy had been Mac’s father and totally irrational and vicious. Debra was Mac’s timid mother. Ian Sinclair is the man who introduced Mac to the joys of sharing. Wes Bridges is the trainer Mac employs on the farm. Pappy is an old farm dog who moved on in when Mac and Keiley moved in.

Maxine Bright has become Keiley’s best friend since she moved to Scotland Neck; her husband, Joseph, is a banker and a former cop. Maxine’s sister, Fayrene, is insisting that her husband, Chase Sinclair, a Ranger home recuperating, invite his Army buddy for the summer. Tobias Blackwood is the young friend his father insisted he bring round for dinner; now he’s the sheriff.

Delia Staten is a bitch, and she’s never forgiven Mac for leaving town over fifteen years ago without her. Robert Staten is her husband, running the various family enterprises. Victoria Leia Staten is Delia’s mother-in-law, and the most influential woman in the county.

I can’t tell who Jethro’s direct boss is, it’s either Director Richard Williams or Director Scarborough; I do know both are mighty sick of Jethro. Dell is a fellow FBI agent and investigating the stalker they’ve nicknamed the Playboy Stalker.

Cameron is head of security for Sinclair’s Club and Jethro’s cousin; he’s offered Jethro a job anytime he wants to leave the FBI. He’s seriously considering it. Chet Waterson had a party with some very revealing pictures posted. Gladsteen is a networking expert; she’ll explode a swath through the county.

The Cover

The cover feels very much like Mac and Kei with its narrow revealment reflecting the serial stalker preying upon Kei. The title is totally accurate as well with all that Kei has thought forbidden for her peace of mind, for the antics she, Mac, and Jethro engage upon, the exposure.

The title is too accurate, for Keiley’s scruples cause her to believe this is a Forbidden Pleasure.