C. L. Wilson, Queen of Song and Souls

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Queen of Song and SoulsQueen of Song and Souls by C. L. Wilson
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Fourth in the Tairen Soul fantasy series.

The Story
It just keeps getting worse. Ellie still hasn’t completed the bond with Rain. Her nightmares are intensifying and new powers keep manifesting. Ellie can’t tell if they’re good or evil and the shadow looming over her is getting darker and darker. Matters are not helped as the battle at Orest continues bleeding the fae and their allies of men and morale. When Rain discovers that the enemies’ ancient forges have been fired up, he knows they’re in trouble. A trouble confirmed when Ellysetta takes part in a Truthsaying.

Needing to warn King Dorian and gather in more allies, Rain takes Ellysetta to Celieria first where they learn the fantastical results of that night when Ellie’s magic forced sensuality onto the court. Rain and Ellie also learn what his deposer has to say.

Waylaid by the Elves, Ellie learns what her Dance is in and for the world. In some ways, it eases her fears and in others…in others, it makes them worse. Worse yet, the bond madness has begun for Rain and she has a month in which to complete it or lose Rain completely.

We learn that Lillis, Lorelle, and their father are alive, found by someone in the Mists and we are left believing that Kiel and Kieran died protecting them. The only interaction we have is the nightmares that Ellie suffers through where her younger sisters are changed. Changed to something evil that bathes in Rain’s blood.

Lastly, Adrial and Talisa’s ordeal comes to a head. It cannot bode well for the allies. Not when Lord Seabourne has been mage-touched.

The Characters
The only new character is Lord Galad, king of the elves. He does not have an easy role in life. The elves can see all the possible futures and they don’t dare to make any changes. So Galad has watched his cousin, Elfeya, suffer Vadim’s torture for the last thousand years. Has watched the torture of every innocent taken by the Eld and done nothing. And only Ellysetta understands what it has cost him.

My Take
Wilson is torturing me!!! I want to know if Ellysetta can bond Rain before he goes mad and dies. Can Ellysetta escape the doom-laden side of the possibilities? Can they rescue Elfeya and Shan? Will Mellisande be the key to their rescue? I’m terrified about what will happen to King Dorian and Celieria. Does the queen realize what’s happening or does she facilitate??! Arghhhh….

The Cover
Great cover! Wearing a medieval-ish gown with a low-slung girdle and winged sleeves, Ellysetta is reaching for the Eye of Truth while sparkles of magic and winged tairen surround her. The title, Queen of Song and Souls, seems to be Elysetta as this story is about Ellie’s song, her dance for the world. I’m not sure where the souls comes in…

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