Adrian Phoenix, A Rush of Wings

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A Rush of Wings (The Maker's Song, #1)A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix
Series: The Maker’s Song, 1
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First in The Maker’s Song urban fantasy series set in New Orleans.

The Story
For three years, FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace has been pursuing a particularly heinous serial killer and the trail seems to end in New Orleans outside Club Hell, a music venue for promising bands and a hangout for wannabe vampires. Heather believes that the owner of Club Hell is involved somehow, especially when the second body is found inside Club Hell’s courtyard—the first having been found just outside its walls.

The Characters
Heather Wallace is an up-and-coming young FBI agent who suddenly discovers there is more in her world than she suspected. Incorruptible, loyal, and tenacious, Heather is much too close to the truth for a number of people.

Dante has suffered through a brutal childhood and his even worse teen years when he was tortured and manipulated into a predetermined role. He never knew his father and all he knows of his mother is that she died when he was born.

Lucien De Noir is Fallen and a protective guardian with Dante. Protecting him during the day and healing him when he suffers. Von is an Ilygad and an intimate member of Dante’s crew while working as a bouncer at Club Hell.

Thomas Ronin is nightkind using his guise as a journalist to snake his way into any investigation. Ronin has dreams of grandeur and one-upmanship gleaming in his eye as he plans to lure Dante into his web and brainwash him into acting as his tool. It’s one of his reasons for hooking up with E…the killer Heather is seeking.

Dr. Johanna Moore has her own twisted agenda with a ruthlessness I hope never to encounter. Dr. Wells is her ideal partner

My Take
This was a fun story. Yeah, yeah, it was gruesome and made me so mad but the interaction between Heather and Dante is fresh. She has such a hard time believing that Dante truly is who/what he says he is and Dante himself is strongly himself refusing to knuckle under and accept help until he realizes Heather’s sincerity as they both battle government corruption and interference. I do love how Phoenix describes Dante’s appearance; he is so not the typical hunky hero!

Very surprising revelations by Lucien…I do hope the two of them can resolve their differences. Lots of betrayals and greed rising up throughout the story with a scary look under the federal shell.

I am so anxious to read more and discover what/who Dante is and why Lucien fears the Elohim hearing Dante’s song of making/unmaking. How is he similar to Yahweh? What is Dante’s future? Do he and Heather have a future??

The Cover
It’s another cover that accidentally dropped in from some other story. A young, very shapely woman wearing a leather cropped bustier with a black PVC vinyl miniskirt, a bird tattoo bracelets her right upper arm as she twists to look out, a gun held along her side on a rainy street. I know it isn’t Heather as she’s never worn anything like this. The title, A Rush of Wings, is the chase after Dante and his kidnapper as Lucien rushes to his rescue.

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