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The Devil You Know (Morgan Kingsley, #2)The Devil You Know by Jenna Black
Series: Morgan Kingsley, 2
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second in the Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy series set in an alternate Philadelphia.

The Story
Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist, a caster-outer of demons in a family that worships demons…so you can imagine how much fun the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are in the Kingsley homestead.

Then Morgan finds out the truth about her birth. Worse, Lugh catches her at a weak moment and hypnotises her into remembering what happened at the hospital and she learns the truth about the “encephalitis” when she was 13.

Then Andy wakes up from his coma (Devil Inside) only to find that Lugh’s other brother, Raphael, is a bit too concerned about what Andy might say about demonic possessions, i.e., Andy’s ass may be grass. Then Morgan finds out she is a product of rape which makes her almost impervious to demonic possession and Dougal has sicced a hunter demon on Morgan who will stop at nothing to test Morgan.

The Characters
Morgan is a selfish, well-intended, hypocritical, chickenshit asshole with an avoidance streak and a mouth that has never encountered a brake. I can’t stand her! That said, her life is fascinating and I sure wouldn’t mind a Lugh in my life! Woo-hoo! He’s a hunky devil.

Black has created some amazing characters…yeah, yeah, yeah…even Morgan has…something, oh yeah, Lugh. Adam and Domenic make an incredible couple; Domenic is such a sweetheart (and a fabulous cook!) and Adam, well, Adam is a challenge with a hard edge. Andrew. Andrew is a bit of an anomaly who has been through some nasty experiences. Then there’s Morgan’s parents. Oh yeah, after you meet her parents, you’re kind of surprised she turned out as well as she did. And Brian. He is such a sweetheart and, whooo, I dunno how things will turn out in Devil’s Due. Not after what Brian goes through in The Devil You Know.

The primary bad guy is Der Jäger, the Hunter, sent by Dougal, Lugh’s evil demonic brother, to find Lugh in whoever’s body he’s hiding in.

My Take
Black will keep you reeling from one action to the next, from one bomb to the next dragging you through sensual dreams to torturous encounters. The Devil You Know is difficult to put down—try to set time aside when you begin reading this tale of revelations.

The Cover
I really can’t figure out who the guy is in the suit standing in back watching Morgan meditating in her circle of candles. He doesn’t look how I picture Lugh. He could be Andrew or Brian. As for Morgan’s outfit…it seems a bit bare even for Morgan.

I’m not sure what the title is about. The Devil You Know could refer to Lugh or Adam, the “friendly” demons that Morgan knows, or it could refer to Raphael or Der Jäger. Then again, it could refer to Morgan meeting the host that is Adam’s body when the Adam demon slides into Domenic to save his life. Of course, my personal vote goes to her parents…talk about demonic actions!

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