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Skein of the Crime (A Knitting Mystery, #8)Skein of the Crime by Maggie Sefton
Series: Knitting Mysteries, 7
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seventh in the Knitting Mysteries series set in a fictional Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Story
In this particular story, Skein of the Crime, a young college student ODs and there’s a connection to the shop through Barbara Macenroe, one of Mimi’s knitting instructors and a teacher for whom Kelly has acted as an assistant. The girl’s boyfriend is overwrought and overflowing with guilt, so much so that he intends to investigate her death himself. Exploring the drugs-filled parties, questioning students, and probably losing his scholarship. Kelly’s kind heart…and need to dig…takes over and she promises Tommy that she’ll take this on and get her friends to help. Her friends add their own input and manage to convince Tommy to concentrate on school

And so it begins with Kelly set loose on the unsuspecting students of the college and the people most intimately involved with the victim. In the meantime, her personal life takes a huge hit even as she experiences a major lift when two of her friends decide to get married.

The Characters
Kelly Flynn’s independent accounting business is booming with the recommendations from Curt. Her royalties from her Wyoming wells are a nice boost to her bottom line and she’s so in love with Steve and so happy they’re living together. The bonus of all those investigative opportunities is enough to keep her own Rottweiler side happy.

Steve’s construction company is going down the tubes. The economy is forcing foreclosures and storefronts are going dark. All of which is bad news for its affect on the loans Steve has out on those buildings. He’s working harder than ever at two outside jobs besides trying to keep his own company afloat. And his relationship with Kelly has descended to grabbing a bite to eat and falling asleep.

Her supportive circle of friends includes Megan and Marty, Greg and Lisa, Jennifer and Pete, Bert and Mimi, Curt and Jayleen along with Carl, the squirrel-chasing, protective Rottweiler.

Barbara Macenroe teaches knitting classes for Mimi and worries about the influence that Holly has over her son, Tommy, an EMT with a full scholarship at UC School of Medicine in Denver.

Patty Warner is a student at the local college with a reputation for partying. When Kelly asks her to talk to her fellow students and partyers to try and find out what happened to Tommy’s girlfriend, she jumps at the chance to help.

My Take
I just love Sefton’s Knitting Mysteries series. Yes, the writing is simplistic but I adore the creative knitting side and the incredibly supportive and loving relationships that Kelly has with her friends. She loves her work and she’s a regular terrier when it comes to ferreting out the truth. It’s not like Kelly goes hunting for these mysteries; she just wants to help her friends.

It’s rare to find a series with such a supportive, loving group, which is so comfortable with themselves and each other. All ages. A range of careers.

Layers and layers unfold about the characters particular to this story and had me jumping through three different possible suspects before I finally grasped the real killer. I think that part of my fascination is with Kelly’s ability to stand back and objectively assess the evidence she uncovers. She has a very real grasp on the possibilities for a character to snap no matter how wonderful they appear on the outside.

Oh, and for all those of you interested in felting…READ THIS BOOK and take notes! I am!! Sefton provides an easy-to-understand set of instructions on felting your wool including an explanation of controlling how much shrinkage! That alone has tremendous value!!!

The Cover
The cover has such a sweet charm to it. Whoever does Sefton’s covers has a lovely touch. Again, the cover is a scene from House of Lambspun, the knitting shop Kelly frequents. Bright, cheerful colors—yarns stacked on shelves to the left of the window featuring a jar of needles, a basket of yarns, and a sample sweater hanging on a stand. The front of the shop has a table featuring a knitted cozy over the French press, a tasseled blue knit cap waiting on a hatstand with the ubiquitous basket of yet more yarn providing a close background for a couple of knitted muffins…yup, knitted from its base of cake to the knitted frosting lined with a knitted row and topped with sprinkles of buttons all aglow in a golden light. Makes me want to hang out, drink lattes, and enjoy the warmth as I finger those luscious wools. And I do so enjoy the play-on-words titles Sefton creates…

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