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Jealousy (Strange Angels, #3)Jealousy by Lili St. Crow
Series: Strange Angels, 3
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Third in the Strange Angels urban fantasy series for young adults revolving around a young svetocha trying to survive a world of vampires and djamphirs who don’t seem to want her to live.

The Story
Dru is finally at the Schola Prima in New York City. And funnily enough, she still doesn’t feel safe. Oh, she has her Guard and Graves stays at her side morning, noon, and night, but something is definitely off. Especially with Anna, the only other known svetocha.

As the weeks go by, Dru begins to loosen up, to forget what it’s like to be hunted by vampires. True, trying to save Ash does take up much of her free time, but Dru knows it will be worth the effort. She has to meet with the Council, six very dangerous djamphir however youthful they appear. Once in awhile, she has to endure meetings with Anna. The Red Queen. The leader of the Council. A woman who begins to appear in her true-dreams.

The Characters
Dru Anderson is the svetocha. A creature rare in the Real World. Desired by both sides for the powers she possesses. After losing her father, Dru has been on the run with Graves fighting to survive.

Graves has been helping Dru from the first. Fellow students, then comrades on the run, Graves was bitten by Ash, a werewulf. Luckily, something about Graves changed the process becoming a loup garou instead of a werewulf.

Christophe is djamphir and the son of Dru’s worst enemy yet he is also her Guardian Angel protecting her from his father and other vampires. Seeking always to keep her safe and root out the traitor to the Order.

Samuel “Dibs” and Bobby “Stack” are both werewulf and friends from the satellite schola. They were part of the Pack which escaped the burning schola and their attackers along with Dru and Graves.

Anna is also svetocha and the head of the Council, the Red Queen, in charge of everyone in their world. The Council itself consists of six other djamphirs: Bruce is princeps and Kir is loyal to Anna; Hiro, Alton, Marcus, and Ezra make up the rest. Dru’s guard is headed up by Benjamin while Leon appears to be his second.

My Take
Lord, how stupid can one woman be!?? The clues are dropping like anvils around her and she still doesn’t put it together?? It takes until the end of the book before she realizes who her enemy is. Who the traitor is. She hasn’t figured out what Augie was???

Her life has been under attack since her father died and she continues to question why she needs extra protection..? Her Grandmom has been teaching her to pay attention to her instincts. Her instincts tell her Anna is bad news. So, does she tell anyone about the crap she’s wading through. Oh no…that would deprive Dru of her opportunities for whining, whinging, and whimpering. Not to mention that she wouldn’t then have all the nasty adventures. She won’t even talk to Graves about the sneak attack on her. And then she gets all pissy because he gets mad at her for holding out on him. I wanna smack her!

I think I keep reading this hoping she’ll die… I mean Dru even mentions that she can tell which djamphirs are for and against Anna. She knows she’s in trouble. So, she figures she’ll run away. Again. People can’t help if they don’t know. Why does Dru even consider believing anything that comes out of Anna’s mouth? Christophe has always stood up for her. What positive thing has Anna ever done for her?

Then there’s the attack. She practically sees it coming so does Dru do anything to prevent it, to protect herself? Why, no, what would be the fun in that???

And, the weird thing is I keep reading this…

The Cover
The cover looks like a dark prom picture with a casual Graves and Dru in an upswept do. Graves looks like the actor who plays Jacob Black from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. The title feels appropriate as Anna certainly does display her Jealousy of Christophe leaving her for Dru’s mom.

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