Book Review: Lynn Kurland’s One Magic Moment

Posted October 24, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lynn Kurland’s One Magic Moment

One Magic Moment


Lynn Kurland

that was published by Jove on May 3, 2011 and has 368 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Love Came Just in Time, Tapestry, Stardust of Yesterday, One Enchanted Evening, From This Moment On, Spellweaver, Gift of Magic, All For You, Roses in Moonlight, Dreams of Lilacs, Ever My Love

Eleventh in the De Piaget time-traveling, historical-romance series revolving around the de Piaget family.

My Take

I do love this series and the MacLeod series. Of course, I do have a passion for history and what historian wouldn’t drool at the thought of being able to travel back in time and experience it first hand. Kurland has this lovely knack of mixing up the 13th century with contemporary expectations — a bit like Gabaldon’s Outlander series. The expectations and surprises that a contemporary traveler has with the 1200s and the shocks for the medieval traveler in today’s world.

It’s too funny how awkward everyone is in speaking to the other about time travel and medieval versus contemporary. Naturally, the average person would never expect it, but to read as everyone dances around is too funny even as it frustrates. Kurland very carefully steps through, keeping in mind that her characters know much less than us.

Kurland is doing it again. I had to read the paragraphs over and over to think that maybe, perhaps, I had figured out what was so “odd” about the business card that John handed her. Besides noting that he has nice handwriting and the card contains the requisite information about his garage.

All the signs point to the next book being about Stephen and Peaches…

The Story

Tess is sort of happily living life as a castle owner and lecturing on medieval politics in England. Sort of because she and her sister, Peaches, are still getting over losing their younger sister, Pippa, to Montgomery de Piaget and 1241. A.D. Well, it is what Pippa wanted, and now Tess simply has to get on with living in modern-day Sedgwick, knocking off the side view mirror on her little Ford, so she can take it into the village garage for repair. It is one way in which she can help contribute to the village economy.

Only, it’s not George at the garage anymore. It’s the most irritating, bossy, overbearing, gorgeous man, and Tess is determined she won’t need the boxful of extra mirrors anymore. She will not return to that garage.

It’s new owner is just as determined. Their combined determination is so strong that they can’t resist falling back into each other’s orbit as they both slowly determine just how much they have in common.

The Characters

Tess Alexander has a B.A. in art history, masters in Old and Middle English, and a doctorate in Medieval Political Thought and has always aimed to teach at Cambridge University. Instead she was given Sedgwick Castle and is renting the place out to groups who want to experience life in a medieval castle as a way to pay the bills. Ooh, and an elevation for Tess from the Queen! Stephen de Piaget, a history professor at Cambridge, is the eldest son of the current Earl of Artane, Edward de Piaget.

John de Piaget is one of the sons of Rhys de Piaget, the original Earl of Artane. He stepped through a time gate to seek adventure after being thrown out. George runs an automotive garage in Sedgwick and wants to retire.

There is a mention of Jamie (Love Came Just in Time: “Three Wise Ghosts”, 1) and Ian MacLeod (Veils of Time: “And the Groom Wore Tulle”, 3) and Oliver Phillips who works for Lord Robert Cameron (With Every Breath, 11). A lovely visit with Rhys and Gwen (Another Chance to Dream, 1), Robin and Anne (If I Had You, 2), Nicholas and Jennifer (When I Fall in Love, 4), Montgomery and Pippa (One Enchanted Evening, 6), Miles and Abigail (Love Came Just in Time: “Gift of Christmas Past”, 5), Kendrick (Stardust of Yesterday, 11), Rose, Amanda and Jake (Dreams of Stardust, 3), Mary (Till There Was You, 12), and Joanna of Segrave while Henry III is on the throne. There’s also an encounter with Everard of Chevington along with the reason why Roland of Sedgwick gave the castle to Tess.

The Cover and Title

There’s a very fairytale feel to this cover with its moated castle and fairy-like snowflakes gently falling framed by the bare, snow-laden branches of a tree. Very dreamy and peaceful.

I suspect the wedding that takes place between Tess and John is that One Magic Moment.