Book Review: Marjorie M. Liu’s In the Dark of Dreams

Posted October 24, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Marjorie M. Liu’s In the Dark of Dreams

In the Dark of Dreams


Marjorie M. Liu

paranormal romance that was published by Avon Publications on November 30, 2010 and has 369 pages.

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Tenth in the Dirk and Steele paranormal-romance series revolving around a group of shifters and others with magical talents. The couple focus is on Jenny and Perrin.

My Take

I think this is one of Liu’s best in terms of teasing the reader with hints and possibilities into reading as fast as I could. I needed to know what was going to happen. What had happened. It’s also the first in this series that is almost entirely in the water, addressing the myths and legends hiding in its depths. It has also reaffirmed my enjoyment of Liu’s series.

Nasty family dynamics all around.

The Story

Weaknesses and fears force Perrin into exile. An exile made worse by the loss of his kra’a and the loss of the dreams he has shared for most of his life with Jenny, the girl on the beach. The human with whom he made a connection. Then a psychic event forces Perrin to return to the sea. Find people who can help him prevent what has been foretold.

As Perrin is out searching on the ocean, a betrayal reawakens Perrin’s connection with Jenny. Danger threatens her and he must protect her from the many forces arrayed against her. Earthquakes, tsunamis, the world breaking apart are not as important as Jenny’s life. Yet, it is all intertwined.

The Characters

Jenny is a member of the A Priori, the better half of the family. Fighting against the more selfish half which makes up the Consortium. She has divorced herself from the entire family wanting nothing to do with the power shifts, angry that they refused to listen when she tried to warn them. A’lesander, a.k.a., Les, is a member of Jenny’s team retrieving and protecting. Until he decides to choose his own personal destiny.

Krackeni are…
a.k.a., Guardians, those whom land people refer to as mermaids and mermen. A simple, yet complex undersea society of shifters charged with the task of keeping the Kraken dreaming in order to keep the world from breaking apart.

Perrin was a Guardian, a Krackeni who was condemned for his stance and driven into absolute exile from all waters.

Dirk & Steele is…
…a detective agency of supernatural shifters and others with magical talents with a two-pronged mission: save others like themselves and thwart the Consortium. Agents Eddie and Rik are sent with Perrin to aid him in preventing the disaster he forsees. Sajeev is captain of the boat and seems to have a very interesting talent with a sniper rifle. Additional agents, Roland, Charlie, and Agatha, provide an intro to this next half of Jenny and Perrin’s lives.

The Cover and Title

Perrin looks much more robust on the cover than he seems through most of the story. Lordy, that boy has got a very well-muscled back with that gorgeous silver hair lifting a dark-haired, chemise-clad Jenny up out of the sparkling waters, a slash of brilliant light illuminating where their bodies are joined, darkness on either side.

The title certainly fits as the entire story revolves around dreams: those shared for so many years by Jenny and Perrin as well as the dreams used to quiet the Kraken.