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Fast Track (Sisterhood, #10) (Rules of the Game, #3)Fast Track by Fern Michaels
Series: Sisterhood, 10
            Rules of the Game, 3
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tenth in the Sisterhood vengeance-suspense series (and third in Rules of the Game) based in Washington D.C. and involving a group of people interested in true justice for those wronged by the legal system. This particular story has the Sisterhood moving from their Spanish sanctuary atop one mountain and swapping fortresses with another, similar group.

The Story
The sisters’ first outside job comes from the World Bank. It seems there is a suspicion that the president of the World Bank is siphoning funds off for his own use leaving third-world countries to suffer.

With Charles Martin’s network and sneaky intelligence, it’s easy to find out the truth about the World Bank president and his weakness. The ladies put their heads together and use a woman’s natural wiles to gather in that so-very-useful ally. In the course of which, we watch as a fear of terrorists empties Washington D.C., rumors of a buyout run rampant, visit a piano bar, eavesdrop in on a proposal of marriage, and rescue more than originally anticipated.

The Characters
All the characters have their strengths and weaknesses…even the bad guys! Naturally, it’s only the good “guys” who ever seem to grow and learn. It will be interesting to see how marriage changes the dynamics for Nikki and Jack. However will they make it work? Bert Navarro and Kathryn are also headed for a bit of romance. It will be fun to watch. I do enjoy watching Annie come to life in these last few stories. So much better than wallowing in her years-long grief on her mountain. It’ll be fun to see where she goes with her newspaper purchase!

Maggie Spritzer seems to be having troubling second thoughts with a small bit of betrayal on her part.

My Take
It amazes and confounds me that Charles can be so professional in some actions and such a complete doofus in others. It’s stories like these that reinforce the fact that this is fiction and words can be used to achieve anything. No matter how far-fetched. Then there’s that little matter of the ladies being angry over Charles’ control of them which always seems to fizzle out once Michaels has made her point. If an author is going to create an issue, deal with it. Build it up. Resolve it. Don’t just create a fuss in a doll’s teapot!

The main theme throughout the series is of wreaking justice on those who deserve it. Outside the law courts where vigilante hands are not tied. In this particular story, the justice is that of ousting a crook from his position of authority, taking back the stolen funds, and rerouting that money where it was intended. That, and ensuring the about-to-be-former World Bank president pays for his callousness.

Michaels does have fun with her characters although I do have to wonder what is behind the vicious and childish torture she lays on the bad guy. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, but that the ladies are able to inflict such pain with so much joy is kind of scary. And, what is with this need for the ladies to tell all and sundry about their illegal activities! Let’s just save time and take out a huge ad in several major newspapers while they’re at it!

Sorry, I just find this sort of writing irresponsible and lazy…

The Cover
Ooh, pretty! I do love the back lawn feel with all the lovely, cool, green grass with the Gothic arches framing a shallow terrace holding three wicker rockers themselves placed before three floor-length arched windows. It has the feel of a small, yet elegant cottage all framed with flowering rose bushes.

The title refers to the restaurant at the World Bank.

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