Book Review: Tanya Huff’s Truth in Valor

Posted October 26, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Tanya Huff’s Truth in Valor

Truth of Valor


Tanya Huff

military science fiction that was published by DAW Books on September 7, 2010 and has 336 pages.

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Fifth in the Confederation military science fiction series revolving around Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr…oops, that’s ex-Gunnery Sergeant Kerr.

My Take

The central topic in this story is pirates. The Wardens who are supposed to be policing things are too busy sitting on their asses to actually do anything without tons of evidence handed to them on a silver platter. Torin gets involved when the pirates kill two salvage operators and then torture a third. As an ex-Marine, that’s just not on.

Huff is incredible!! This entire series is a world she has created with a number of unique cultures each with their own internal cultural issues as well as inter-cultural problems. My god, it’s just complex within ONE culture and yet Huff manages to track each individual and have them react [or not!] per their own cultural imperatives. Enough authors seem to have trouble tracking the appearance and personality of their own characters in just one species let alone the number that Huff tracks. Yeah, it can be difficult to track individuals yourself, but, don’t let it worry you. You’re not taking a test…you’re reading for fun. Go for it!

I could not read this book fast enough. In some parts, I was reading so fast that I stumbled over words and had to go back! Sure helped me slow down a bit. Tense, violent, nerve-wracking…Truth of Valor had it all! Then when I got to the last two lines of the story…jeezus…jeezus… Damn it, Huff, you really know how to keep me engaged!!

The Story

A visit with Torin’s parents and Torin and Craig are off to introduce her to her new life as a Confederation salvage operator (CSO). Only, Torin just can’t leave her Marine training behind nor can she leave one of her own behind. Now that she’s a CSO, any other CSO is one of hers. So when pirates start reducing the CSO population, Torin is right there to put a stop to it.

Well, as much as Craig will let her anyway. Then pirates nab Craig and think they killed Torin. Snicker…Craig knows that if the pirates haven’t made sure Torin is dead, she’s comin’ for him and he does his best to survive the torture they put him through as he waits for his girl to rescue him!

The Characters

Torin Kerr is an extremely strong female lead. She’s famous throughout the galaxy for her heroic actions with the Marine Corps. But when she discovered just why her particular part of the universe had been engaged in space warfare for several centuries, she blew up. Quit her career.

Craig Ryder is the Confederation Salvage Operator that was the kicker. After surviving Big Yellow and learning the true purpose of the centuries-long war, Craig is lookin’ pretty good and with him, not only is the sex great but at least no one but her lover will be pushing any buttons as to where Torin goes.

Presit is a Krai reporter. Famous now. Primarily due to covering stories involving Torin Kerr so when Torin calls, she listens. Since Presit really likes Craig, she comes running when she hears why Torin is calling. She’s an irritating Krai, but, damn, the girl is efficient at her job!

Mashona, Werst, and Ressk are about the only Marines who have survived their mutual missions. When she puts the call out for their help, they drop it and come running. Seems they’ve gotten bored with civilian life. Just no kick to it and taking down a space station full of pirates to rescue Craig is just their slug of whiskey.

Captain Mackenzie Cho was court-martialed out for killing a ship full of his own people. Well, Captain only because on his own ship, the Heart of Stone, he gets to be one. He was a lieutenant in the navy. No loss for the good guys and his crew is the same. A nasty group that really shouldn’t have messed around with Torin.

Ya just can’t help loving Huff’s characters for their individuality and “charm” — any woman who can kick ass like Torin has my vote.

The Cover and Title

The cover is so not outer space even though Torin is in her HE suit in the middle of an explosion. Gimme a break…light blue??? Yeah, it’s pretty…I love the colors. Anyway, it looks like a debris field so I’ll guess that the back-end of the spaceship that Torin is facing is the Promise since her tether is hooked up to it.

One interpretation of Truth of Valor may be Torin’s insistence on confronting the pirates. An insistence that becomes action when they take Craig.