Book Review: Trisha Telep’s Love Bites

Posted October 31, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Trisha Telep’s Love Bites

Love Bites


Trisha Telep

It is part of the , Midnight Louie, Delilah Street, , , , series and is a anthology, fantasy, paranormal fantasy, short stories, urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Constable & Robinson Ltd., Robinson Publishing on September 21, 2009 and has 566 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Corsets & Clockwork

A collection of 25 short stories revolving around vampiric romances.


“Into the Mist Forever” (Vampire Series, 0.5)
“Butterfly Kiss” (blends Midnight Louie, x.5 AND Delilah Street, x.5)
“Eternity Embraced” (Demonica, 3.5)
“Crimson Kisses” (Texas Vampires, 1.5)
“Vampsloitation” (Sabina Kane, 0.5)

The Stories

Jordan Summers‘ “Paris After Dark” is escape for Rachel Chang, an NYPD homicide detective. Wandering the streets of Paris to escape the memories of the death of her partner, coming to terms with it. Getting mugged, bitten by a “deranged dentally challenged biter”, and chasing the thief into the catacombs is almost a relief until she is caught by Gabriel Dumont, a vampiric enforcer.

Deborah Cooke‘s “Coven of Mercy” was a merciful take on the usefulness of vampires involving a dedicated cancer researcher, ‘Icicle’ Taylor, and her battle with saving lives from a distance. Excellent story.

Karen MacInerney‘s “Le Cirque de la Nuit” is an intriguing and mildly terrifying peek into the hiring practices of a vampiric circus as well as gaining an inside look at the behind-the-scenes action in a regular circus.

Caitline Kittredge‘s “Perdition” is an entirely different look at Kate Elder, Doc Holliday, and the gunfight at the OK Corral. Excellent and sending shivers down my spine! It has also been in Not One of Us, #40, Oct 2008.

Dina James‘ “Deliver Us From Evil” is an odd story about a cursed vampire, lost memories, and the deliverance from the curse in the person of an angel, a fake psychic, an erotic dancer.

Camille Bacon-Smith‘s “Blood and Thyme” is an excellent story about a most unique catering firm.

Rosemary Laurey‘s “Into the Mist For Ever” was an unexpected look at a Roman military surgeon in occupied Britain and his encounter with a Brigante Timeless who also dealt in healing. Their interaction and fascination with each other will create a lasting impression. Very good.

Patti O’Shea‘s “Blood Feud” was sweet! Torn apart years ago, Seere, a demon prince, and Isobel, a vampire, are thrown together again in an unexpected alliance set to determine who is murdering vampires.

Angie Fox‘s “Love Bites” is a paranormal dating game in which the newly-widowed Katarina Volholme D’Transylvania is determined to escape her father’s manipulation and intention of marrying her off, yet again, to another ancient vampire. She’ll never get out of a castle at this rate! Instead, she is determined to live a bit of a life and the Love Bites dating game television show on Vamp TV is just the ticket! A rather comic approach from the dating questions to the commercials.

Caitlin R. Kiernan‘s “Flotsam” is a night inside the head of a human lost in his desire to feed a slowly-dying vampire. Beautifully written. And depressing.

Jamie Lee Hansen‘s “Murder King’s Woman” was excellent. A different take on vampire-human relationships with a quirky and fun presentation — I loved the vampiric version of “99 Bottles of Beer”! I am definitely gonna check her out!

Carole Nelson Douglas‘ “Butterfly Kiss” is an oddly endearing tale of a talking cat who works as a private investigator who rescues a daylight vampire, Damien Abbott, with the help of Delilah Street. Together, Louie and Delilah set a trap to learn who tried to assassinate Damien.

Diane Whiteside‘s “Crimson Kisses” is the tale of how Edmund Devereaux finally manages to marry Sarah Calvert with a bit of help from Don Rafael Perez at a New Year’s ball in 1867.

Jaye Wells‘ “Vampsloitation” was unique! Two assassins for the Dominae are tracking a man attempting to extort the vampire council. Pay him one billion dollars or he reveals all about vampires! Slade Corbin may be a young vampire, but he’s also their best assassin and why he has been teamed up with Sabina, to teach her the ropes on her first kill mission. Only, the takedown goes as planned but the payoff is screwed. Sabina is determined that she will get her own back one day! Very unsatisfying. But very intriguing.

Stacia Kane‘s “Trust Me” is a different look at the Jack the Ripper serial killings in Whitechapel in London in 1888. Very good.

Jennifer Ashley‘s “Scotsman and the Vamp” was too cute! Rather than be trapped in isolation in a Scottish castle for the rest of her life, Claire Armand runs away to 1925 Hollywood becoming a rising star. Thank god for hunky Scotsman with open minds!

Justine Musk‘s “I Need More You” is an odd story about a rogue vampire searching the world over for very short encounters with an angel. In this encounter, they meet up at a Burning Man gathering in a desert. It seems neither can resist the other.

Jennifer St. Giles‘ “Point of No Return” is the frustrating and short life of Christine Webber. A beautiful, young redhead working as a servant for the lecherous Lord Stafford, Christine has long fantasized about a statue in the graveyard erected to Aerick the Eternal. The fantasies a replacement for the fears she has in working for Lord and Lady Stafford. Little does she know that Aerick is eternal and in love with her.

Dawn Cook‘s “With Friends Like These” is about roommates. Greg and Joe. Both live like pigs. Only Joe seems to be able to snag women with the crook of a finger. He also lives to run at night and insists on Greg accompanying him. One night in particular, Joe insists. The night Greg learns he’s been set up.

Nancy Holder‘s “Blood Gothic” was just creepy! In a horrific, well-written way, a kindergarten teacher descends into a madness of her own obsession with vampire love. Also in Shadows 8, June 1985.

Larissa Ione‘s “Eternity Embraced” was rather hokey and overly dramatic. A very definite side story to the Demonica, as it is a cell of the Aegis based on the West Coast. Poor intel traps one of the Guardians after they invade a wealthy man’s estate. Being turned, means Kaden Quinn should be staked on sight, but his lover, Andrea Cole, can’t do it. Instead they plot ways to get around this particular…ahem…issue.

Jeanne C. Stein‘s “Ghost of Leadville” is a vampire’s sweet look back at a one-night stand Rose Sullivan had in Leadville with Doc Holliday.

Tiffany Trent‘s “Vampire, the Witch and the Yenko” finds Dani on a mission to stop Tony Martoni from taking down the Syndicate. Somehow Martoni has found a way to steal a witch’s powers and Dani intends to take him down at the Island Cruise in North Carolina. Getting a job at a garage will get her in close to the action only Dani finds a lot more than the action she expects when she finds she’s paired up with a night-working mechanic named Drake. Seems Drake has his own problems and the two of them might just make a good team.

Ann Aguirre‘s “Circle Unbroken” is a tale of reincarnation as through the ages Zach and Ysabel find and lose each other. A bond of life and love forever frustrated until…

Devon Monk‘s “Skein of Sunlight” is a most unexpected trip to a yarn shop with all the yum of its colors and textures and an appreciation for fine knitting as Maddie rediscovers some lost memories and looks forward to gaining new delights.

The Cover and Title

Can you say slut wear to the max!?! Holy cats! A very sexy brunette looking back over her bare shoulders wearing gold chandelier earrings, a web tattoo encasing a pentagram between her shoulder blades and an extremely slinky emerald green dress shirred in back to emphasize the crease of her buttocks with a gold zipper creating the illusion of nothing and thin straps crisscrossing her back holding the front of the dress in tight — I’m guessing it’s held in against her body! — while standing in a night-lit refinery.

What can I say? Vampire + romance? Yep, Love Bites.

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