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Flat-Out Sexy (Fast Track, #1)Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy
Series: Fast Track, 1
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First in the Fast Track racing circuit romance series. The couple focus is on Tamara Briggs, a recently widowed professor, and Elec Monroe, an up-and-coming rookie driver.

My Take

McCarthy has created a sweet, fun series revolving around race car drivers and the racing industry with characters you just want to get cozy with, simple situations that reek of reality, a revealing peek at women’s foibles, and a skewering of men’s appetites that will crack you up.

Omigod, I just love how incredibly stupid Nikki is! Can you believe lines like these? It’s just too, too funny!

” ‘You smell like balloons. Like…what is that stuff they make balloons from?’
‘Latex,’ Ty said, struggling to contain a grin.
‘Yeah, you smell like latex. Why?’
Tamara was going to die. She was going to slide down off her chair and collapse in a puddle under Ryder’s dining room table.
‘They were practicing a safe massage technique,’ Ryder said.”

I am so looking forward to reading Hard and Fast next.

The Story

Okay, so going out with Geoffrey Ayers was a mistake. It’s a mistake that can be fixed. She just has to break up with him when they leave the party. And that stop is the start of everything good for Tamara Briggs if she can just get over her personal prohibition about dating a driver, that Elec is so much younger than she is, and the deadly feud raging between the Briggs and the Monroes.

The Characters

Tamara Briggs is the lead character in this story and currently teaching at the university. It’s only been two years since her husband, Pete, died in a crash at Talladega. A long, dry two years in which she’s concentrated on her kids, Petey and Hunter, with the help of her Briggs in-laws.

Suzanne Jefferson is her best friend, outwardly bubbly and very social. Imogene Wilson is Tamara’s teaching assistant and being set up as Ty McCord’s love interest. Ty is a driver and he and Ryder Jefferson, Suzanne’s ex, were Pete’s best friends.

Elec Monroe is six years younger than Tamara and that is a huge deal for her. Tamara’s hung up on her stretch marks and poochy tummy all of which Elec is barely aware of. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman. Even better? She has a brain and two great kids. He’s also the youngest in the Monroe driving dynasty. A family with whom Johnny Briggs, her father-in-law, has a hate-filled feud. Evan is his brother and another driver; Eve is their sister and handles their PR.

The Cover

Hmmm, nice package. Oh, yeah, nice chest too where it peeks out from his black leather jacket as he relaxes against what appears to be a very hot car. The title? Oh yeah, Elec Monroe is definitely Flat-Out Sexy!

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