Book Review: Maya Banks’ No Place to Run

Posted November 5, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Maya Banks’ No Place to Run

No Place to Run


Maya Banks

romantic suspense in Paperback edition that was published by Berkley Sensation on December 7, 2010 and has 332 pages.

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Second in the KGI romantic suspense series revolving around a group of brothers who have formed a private security company out to save the world. In this story, the couple focus is on Sam Kelly and Sophie Lundgren.

My Take

The central theme throughout the series so far has been love, loyalty, family, a theme harped on by Sophie as she sees the happiness Sam has enjoyed with his family and his men. A happiness she has always thought beyond her.

In No Place to Run, Sophie holds back information she should be sharing (!). She wants help but her only experience is that everything must be paid for. Since she doesn’t have the strength or physical ability anymore to protect herself, she’s holding back for when this particular coin will be required.

It’s also the main reason I didn’t enjoy this story as much. I mean, c’mon, I hate it when the author is too lazy to make her plot devices believable. Sure, I can see Sophie’s point, but, she is the one who came to Sam. Both times. She’s got a lot more of blame, if you will, on her. She wants Sam to protect her? Give him the damned information he needs to do it! Instead, Sophie just leaps up on her high horse and jumps all over Sam. I just wanna smack her one!

Sam is rather unreal — must be his mama’s upbringing — actually, all the boys are unreal as they so obviously get along well with each and love and care for each other and they’re willing to take Sophie in. First because of their new niece/nephew, later because Sophie so obviously belongs.

The boys are fun. They are such brothers as they harass and tease each other. My favorite part of their relationship is how they “sacrifice” each other to their mother!

The Story

While on a mission for the CIA in Mexico, Sam Kelly fell in lust with a cute, sexy barmaid. When his mission went active, so did Sam leaving the woman behind. Now, some five months later, that barmaid, Sophie Lundgren, falls back into his lap. Pregnant. Crying that he has to help her, they have to get away. He’s in danger because of her.

Danger is old hat to Sam and his brothers. A pregnant woman who shouldn’t have known who he was or where to find him?? Not so much. Struggling to absorb the fact that Sophie is pregnant along with the dribbles of information she lets trickle out, Sam goes on the alert, gathers intel, and calls on an old friend. Seems one of the dribs reveals that Sophie’s father was the arms dealer they almost took down on that mission in Mexico. It wouldn’t be the first time one of the bad guys tried to take down KGI!

The Characters

Sam Kelly heads up KGI and he never expected to fall in love. His mom sure never thought she’d see her first grandchild with him! Ethan, Garrett, Donovan, Nathan, and Joe are his brothers although only the first three are a part of Kelly Group International. Frank and Marlene Kelly are the boys’ parents and, along with Rusty, their latest orphan, play bit parts — although, Mom might feel her part was a lot more bit! Sean, the local sheriff’s deputy, may not be family by blood, but he is by love as Steele and Rio with their teams are through loyalty.

Sophie Lundgren is a tool to her arms dealing father, Alex Mouton. Love, tears, happiness are all weaknesses in which she cannot indulge if she wants to survive. Tomas Mouton is her uncle.

Adam Resnick is the CIA operative whose life Sam saved and who has been sending them missions, including the one to take down Sophie’s father.

The Cover and Title

Well, I’d sure love to have some guy that looks like him protecting me! Snug jeans encasing muscled legs…if that six-pack ab is anything to go by! Naturally, he’s shirtless with a tatto on his right bicep and a gun in hand set against an orange exploding sky, a farmhouse in the background and leafless tree to his left. Not really sure what the abandoned house has to do with anything…still, he’s pretty hot.

The title is certain accurate for Sophie has No Place to Run.