R. J. Silver, Princess and the Penis

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The Princess & the PenisThe Princess & the Penis by R.J. Silver
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My Take

It’s a parody of a fairytale of epic proportions. Silver puts all the fun into this fairytale with the innocent, loving, warm, and virginal daughter of the King of Westwich as she explodes the typical fairytale formula while poking fun at the birds and the…er…flies.

Crack me up! I love the bit where the Queen is explaining the enormity of the shapes in question and the king starts getting huffy about her never having experienced anything of such a size. Then she starts blathering about how there’s different standards of ordinary, and , of course, he doesn’t fit within those sorts of standards and…

Oh man, the scene where the Queen and the aunts explain the birds and the flies to Amalia.

” ‘The reason you haven’t seen it is because it hangs between a man’s legs and is therefore concealed by his garments.’
‘Well, most of the time,’ said Aunt Ingrid. ‘Though they do have a tendency to sneak out whenever they can.’ “

Silver is a hoot! Then there’s the bit about maybe the penis needs a kiss but Aunt Leila cautions her that if you kiss it once, it’ll want kisses all the time.

The Story

Determined to keep his amazing and wonderful daughter chaste, the king has forbidden males in her presence and any discussion that remotely resembles sex or romance. Constantly surrounded by at least four guardsmen with three chaperons, it’s a mystery how the princess keeps encountering this lump on her rump.

Meanwhile, rumors of this amazing and wonderful princess has spread far and wide and the proposals have been whittled down to one, Prince Rupert. Not your average fairytale prince, although, there is one lurking just under the covers.

The Cover

I can’t get excited about the cover with its childish princess curled up in her bed clutching a green pillow in her pink nightgown although I do like the teeny crown on her head. The title is perfect for indeed this Princess and the Penis are what it’s all about.

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