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Werewolf in the North Woods (Wild About You #2)Werewolf in the North Woods by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Wild About You, 2
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second in the Wild About You paranormal romance series revolving around the Wallace werewolves based in New York. The couple focus is on Roark Wallace and Abigail Winchell.

My Take

I do enjoy the fluff of Thompson’s writing. Not only does she create a very enjoyable adventure, but she does so with intelligence and a modern sensitivity that appeals to both sexes with honor and some very caveman lovin’!

In this case, Roark has to balance his own honor in falsely ridiculing one man while upholding the honor of a werewolf alliance with the Gentrys without destroying another species. –A lovely bit of respect shown there with a sweet “insight” on the Bigfoot pair.

I’m looking forward to when Werewolf in Seattle comes out. Now, if I can just find Werewolf in Greenwich Village

The Story

His life’s goal achieved, Earl Dooley trumpets his discovery of a mated Bigfoot pair he photographed while tramping his back-forty outside Portland, Oregon. Unable to quickly enough snap his zoom lens in place, the proof is the typical grainy possibility and it’s enough to entice Bigfoot enthusiasts to the area.

Normally not a problem, but the Gentrys have every objection to trespassers—a threat to their very necessary privacy and to werewolves worldwide. Their very reason for calling in Dr. Roark Wallace, a renowned expert as a debunker of urban myths.

Roark is honor-bound to protect his species from destruction and, yet, his own sense of honor rises up against destroying another man’s reputation. Especially when he meets Abby Winchell, a very determined fact-oriented, incredibly good-smelling young lady who is extremely supportive of her grandfather. Too bad for Roark that he got careless that day in the woods. Too bad for Roark that Abby had her grandfather’s zoom lens on that camera.

The Characters

Dr. Roark Wallace is Aidan Wallace’s younger brother, a werewolf, and about to be hoist with his own petard. Not a problem, as Roark now understands just why Aidan was so helpless just as he experiences his own irretrievable slide. He’s also known as a myth buster and an expert in megafauna cryptids.

Abigail Winchell is a human insurance adjuster in Phoenix. She’s been a good girl and followed her family into a practical profession leaving her childhood fantasies behind. She thought.

Dr. Earl Dooley has his PhD in mythology due to his father’s insistence while playing on his fascination with Bigfoot. Abigail’s grandfather is in a truly enviable position as his property encompasses a good chunk of forest there outside of Portland. Too bad that bit of forest butts up next to the Gentrys’ property. Especially with that one particular overlook.

Donald might be an engineer at Sony. It’s so difficult to tell when he brags so much. There is no question, however, that Donald is definitely a Bigfoot junkie.

The Cover

The pink cover is campy in every sense of the word with a high-heeled Abby in a sweater and capris sitting on a log out in the woods meditating over a fire as a lone wolf howls at a crescent moon from a far hilltop. The title is to the point as Roark is a Werewolf in the North Woods.

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