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Sucker Bet (Vegas Vampires, #4)Sucker Bet by Erin McCarthy
Series: Vegas Vampires, 4
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fourth in the Vegas Vampires paranormal romance series based in Vegas and revolving around Ethan Carrick and the people, I mean, vampires, he loves.

My Take

It’s a fun and fluffy beach read about a woman finally coming into her own…after 900 years. Shaking loose the eleventh-century morality she grew up with, Gwenna takes matters into her own hands and finally tells Roberto exactly what she thinks. And about the daughter he never knew.

The Story

Gwenna is spreading her wings and exploring this new world on the assumption that she and her ex could co-exist in the same town. Not. Sure, Gwenna is having fun with the online slayers’ group she joined. She’s even going to meet up with one of them, Slash, later.

A later that turns into a dead body and a very sexy detective, Nate Thomas with whom Gwenna proceeds to get very hands-on with the hot detective even as the bodies start piling up everywhere she goes. The one plus in Gwenna’s life is Nate. Seeing him. Making love with him. Now if Roberto would just back off.

The Characters

Gwenna Carrick is Ethan’s very-sheltered sister who has been divorced from the extremely controlling Roberto Donatelli for 300 years. I can’t believe it’s taken her 600 years to figure out the guy is an A #1 asshole! Ethan Carrick has a bit part while his wife, Alexis, appears more often and definitely in support of her sister-in-law. Brittany and Corbin Atelier have their baby, Ava, and Brittany is slowly allowing her father to be a part of her life.

Nate Thomas is the detective assigned to the first murder at the metro station. He is a bit conflicted over Gwenna’s appearing at every succeeding crime scene and that he’s falling in love with her.

Ringo and Kelsey Columbia have their roles to play. Ringo is messing up his life big time and Kelsey has about had it. She’s getting over it by insisting that Alexis and Gwenna come with her to a rock concert—she knows the band—and she makes Gwenna wear what Gwen refers to as a napkin. But, hey, it’s in blue which looks good on G! Sasha Chechikov plays a pretty big role—what a bitch! The band is one that Kelsey knew back in the 1960s: David Foster, Drake, and Pete.

The Cover

The cover is a cartoonish effect of a sexy blonde wearing enormous hoop earrings, a gold cross around her neck and a flirty red slip dress throwing vampiric dice on a hearts-garlic-bat decorated craps table while four bats fly up. Perfectly consistent with the feel of the story.

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