Judith McNaught, Someone to Watch Over Me

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Someone to Watch Over MeSomeone to Watch Over Me by Judith McNaught
Series: Second Opportunity, 4
My rating: 6 of 5 stars

Fourth in the Second Opportunity romantic-suspense series. The couple focus in this story is Michael Valente and Leigh Kendall.

My Take

What can I say, it’s a McNaught. I love her work. She may be formulaic, but she does write a good story that kept me entranced and racing through the pages. A woman’s life is turned upside down and threatened and from the background comes her white knight to save the day.

McNaught always has her underdog and in this case, the love of this good woman has sustained Valente on his straight and narrow path for fourteen years. What a kick in the teeth for Trumanti! I love it!! The negative side is too true of human nature. A decent woman surrounded by people whom she thought were good friends. I did like McCord’s stand at the end. It’s these strong, sensitive alpha males that get me every time.

McNaught sets a good pace and it’s a good thing the kittens left me alone to read!

The Story

It’s a successful opening for her new play and Leigh Kendall is happy to be heading up to their new place in the mountains but frustrated and very nervous following Logan’s directions in this rapidly developing storm. Stopped in the road to re-check her directions, someone hits her car, and she goes tumbling down the mountainside.

Just as her life also takes a tumble when she wakes in the hospital, her husband still hasn’t shown and Leigh is terrified that he’s in trouble. Upon the police discovering that Michael Valente is one of the Mannings’ acquaintances, she is in trouble as well. For Valente is a known criminal with violent tendencies and obviously, Leigh and Valente have plotted his murder. It’s only a matter of time before the police find his body in spite of all the misleading Leigh is attempting.

It’s a series of misconstrued realities and prejudices with strong demands by the police commissioner that send the police off on their tangent giving us the opportunity to see true nobility in action.

The Characters

Leigh Kendall is the focus of the story. She’s happy. She’s magic. She’s at the top of her game as a Broadway actress. Surrounded by friends and a loving husband. About to have her wonderful life shatter into pieces at her feet.

The gorgeous Logan Manning is Leigh’s husband. A scion of an old respected and once-wealthy family, Logan has brought the family fortunes back with a vengeance. Michael Valente is Falco Nipote, an old acquaintance from her pre-stardom days, who worked for his aunt, Mrs. Angelini, at the little Italian market in Leigh’s neighborhood.

Jason Solomon is the author of Leigh’s current play; Eric Ingram is his lover. Jane Sebring is the cruelly ambitious actress dying to take over the role from Leigh.

Dr. Sheila Winters is the psychiatrist who first counseled Leigh and Logan when they were having problems; she later became friends with both of them. Hilda is Leigh’s trusted housekeeper with a brutal attitude toward dust while Joe O’Hara is on loan as a chauffeur-bodyguard from Matt and Meredith Farrell (Paradise, Second Opp, 1) while they take their round-the-world cruise. Brenna is her personal assistant. Trish Lefkowitz is her publicist.

Detectives Sam Littleton and Malcolm Shrader with Lieutenant Mitchell McCord heading up the investigation. Commissioner William Trumanti has a real hard-on for Valente and McCord is directed at doing all he can to pin something on him.

The Cover

The cover is in deep shades of blue forming the corner of a building with someone’s shadow cast against the cobalt blue of its pinkly lit side.

The title is up in lights just as Leigh Kendall’s name is usually up in lights on Broadway when she’s starring in a play. Little does she know there is always Someone to Watch Over Me.

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