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Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
Series: Vampire Academy, 3
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Third in the Vampire Academy young adult, urban fantasy series revolving around Rose Hathaway, a dhampir student at a vampire boarding school in Montana.

My Take

Naturally, there must be new problems constantly cropping up. The queen is anti-Rose and who knows what her real plans are for Lissa. Someone is passing on gossip without facts. Rose is at least consistent in that she still doesn’t think things through sending her reputation up and down like a yo-yo. And, naturally, the plot can’t allow her the happiness for which she hopes even as Mead does advance the general plotline of gaining acceptance for Moroi fighting alongside Guardians.

I don’t understand why Rose didn’t warn Lissa what the queen was threatening. She would have been better off with that bit of foreknowledge. She also should have spoken with someone about Mason appearing. At the very least, for all the whining she did about “what does it mean” and “how will it affect her”, she should done some damned research! Idiot.

The Story

Rose learns from Dimitri that Victor Dashkov is going on trial and while Dimitri is going to testify, the court does not want Rose, Lissa, or Christian to testify. Infuriating since Victor did a whammy on Rose and Christian and kidnapped Lissa for her healing powers! But it’s not all roses when they arrive at court. Victor makes his own veiled threats and the Queen has her demands to make of Rose and of Lissa. Demands that, on the face of it, are utterly ridiculous.

In the meantime, Rose is seeing ghosts during their six-week Guardian examination. Well, one ghost. Mason. He keeps appearing at the oddest times and its terrifying. Father Andrew believes that ghosts remain because they want revenge and Rose is feeling guilty enough about not being able to prevent his death. For even telling him where the Strigoi were holed up.

The fear is enough to wake Rose up to possibilities. On the one hand, how Lissa’s power and their shadow connection affects their bond. On the other hand, Mason is able to provide an early warning before Strigoi attack the school, killing and taking hostages. Hostages they have a chance to take back.

The Characters

Rose Hathaway is a dhampir and destined to work as a Guardian. Ever since the shadow bond created between her and Lissa Dragomir, she will be Lissa’s Guardian. The last Dragomir. But a hiccup occurs in Rose’s plans when she falls in love with Dimitri Belikov, another Guardian. One of the best. Adrian Ivashkov is the only other Spirit user whom Rose and Lissa know. He is at the Academy now so that he and Lissa may learn from each other and he is very interested in Rose.

Christian Ozera loves Lissa but when his parents chose to become Strigoi he was viewed with suspicion by many. Although not by Lissa nor Rose. His talent is fire and he and Rose work well as a team. Eddie is one of the dhampir survivors from the attack he, Rose, Mason, and Mia led on the Strigoi in Frostbite (Mason died in the attack while Mia used Air to help Rose). Mia now lives at the Royal Court. Queen Tatiana requests Lissa come and live at court and attend LeHigh University nearby. The queen also threatens Rose with not allowing her to guard Lissa if she does not give up her “evil plans” to snare Adrian into marriage.

Fellow students, Jesse and Ralf, are among the royals who have formed a club at school. A club only for royals which threatens the students and the Academy. Alice is one of the oldest feeders at the Academy and she has some interesting comments which I think Rose should be taking a lot more seriously. Victor Dashkov was a prince before he kidnapped Lissa and tortured her.

St. Vladimir’s Academy, located in Montana, is one of the boarding schools which young vampires and dhampirs attend for their education.

The Cover

Actually, the cover is a bit scary. I can understand why Dimitri was trying to keep his distance from Rose. Petulant jailbait. I suspect the title may be more appropriate for the next story in the series. We’ll see.

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