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Vanishing Act (Sisterhood, #15)Vanishing Act by Fern Michaels
Series: Sisterhood, 15
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fifteenth in the Sisterhood vengeance-suspense series revolving around a group of lady vigilantes seeking justice for those who fall outside the normal legal parameters.

My Take

I know! Who knew I’d ever give this series a “4”. The topic certainly doesn’t hurt. The writing is still juvenile but either the immature bits have been reduced or I’m just so happy about Charles’ professionalism. The whole Keystone Kops routine was o-l-d. Charles and his merry men would do a much more efficient job just not as colorfully or dangerously as the ladies.

You’d think that with their intelligence, identity thieves could find a better way to get rich than in destroying innocent peoples’ lives.

Ooh, I love the dinner that Lizzie makes for Maggie, Jack, and Harry. A nice blend of homemade and storebought! I gotta try it.

The Story

Harry wakes up one morning to discover that he owes almost half a million dollars, has beaucoup credit cards maxed out, and the bank is foreclosing on his dojo for nonpayment of two mortgages he never took out. He reckons the only reason he still has his Ducati is because the bank doesn’t know about it.

Jack insists on informing the Sisterhood and the ladies swing into action calling on help from Lizzie and Cosmo. Look out, bankers, when Lizzie swishes into the bank president’s office, he is very well aware that he is on thin ice. Especially when Lizzie informs him that the Washington Post is just standing by to hear his decision. Bad PR or take a financial hit. Hmmm… Cosmo is also asking some questions in Vegas and what he turns up raises yet more queries.

That sorts Harry out, but the underlying tragedy of the numerous other victims and a whole new demographic that no one had anticipated causes the vigilantes to pursue them with vigor. Sigh…really makes you wish this could happen in real life!

The Characters

The original Sisterhood is composed of women who mete out justice to those who believe themselves outside the law: Myra Rutledge, Annie de Silva, Yoko Akio, Alexis Thorne, Isabelle, Kathryn Lucas, and Nikki.

The backup Sisterhood team is composed of Lizzie Fox Cricket, the best lawyer in D.C. who has recently married Cosmo Cricket, the lawyer for the Nevada Gaming Commission; Jack Emery is the assistant DA in D.C. and Nikki’s fiancé. Harry Wong is a martial arts expert and engaged to Yoko. FBI Director Bert Navarro is with Kathryn. Maggie Spritzer is the Editor in Chief at the Washington Post and she’s with Ted Robinson, one of the Post’s reporters who has come round to the ladies’ side. Joe Espinosa is another one of the Post’s reporters and he’s hooked up with Alexis.

Charles Martin is a retired MI6 operative who fell in love with Myra but answered a call from the Queen of England leaving Myra and the Sisterhood behind. He’s returned to the mountain and the girls are deciding if he even gets to come back. He’s rather nervous because the ladies have survived without him. Personally, I think it’s due to Avery Snowden, Charles’ go-to guy, whom the ladies have been calling for help.

President Martine Connor was helped by the Sisterhood and owes them a pardon. For the past two years. She’s asked Lizzie to accept the post of Chief White House Counsel and Lizzie intends to push that pardon through.

Miss Brickman, a.k.a., Angela Bookman, a.k.a., a whole lotta other people and her partner in crime, Mr. Carson, a.k.a., Derek Bookman, a.k.a., a similar number of aliases are the perpetrators in charge of this particular ring of thieves.

The Cover

The cover is gorgeous with its grayed-turquoise background and a two-story stone mansarded house perched on the edge of a lake surrounded by forest. It has absolutely no relation to the story. As per usual.

The title is interesting. My take is that it refers to the Vanishing Act the identity thieves perform when they make their victims’ money vanish out of their accounts.

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