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When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, #1)When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy
Series: Guardians of Eternity, 1
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First in the Guardians of Eternity paranormal-romance series. This takes place in Chicago with the couple focus on Abby Barlow and Dante.

My Take

Oh, unexpectedly good! There were some uneven spots in the writing which are probably due to first book jitters and I could have done without the obvious clichés such as when Dante twits Amil into releasing him.

On the whole Ivy has a different take on vampires and a twist on witches. Her imp certainly is different. A nice sense of reality with Ivy unromanticizing the chase, or as Abby puts it, she “preferred to play the role of Scarlett O’Hara to that of Lara Croft”. She really kept me racing through the story with the hunt for Abby even as Dante and Abby discuss the truth of nature versus nurture, of fate.

I did like Abby. Finally, a character who can accept that this is not the time to have an argument or to insist upon further explanation when danger threatens! And she is still quite capable of insisting on an explanation.

The Story

Lucky Abby in that the explosion will cover up the priceless Ming vase she broke. Unlucky Abby that she has compassion and becomes the Chalice for the Phoenix. Very unlucky for now the demons and wizards are on her trail. If they can destroy the Chalice, the Phoenix will die and the Prince will be free to rule Earth.

Dante is desperate to find a new Chalice for the Phoenix. Abby can’t possibly hold it. It’s too dangerous. With this in mind, he is determined to find the coven which first placed the Phoenix. Surely, they can find a new Chalice and remove this one. Save Abby. With Viper’s help and Abby’s memory, they proceed to track the coven down through great trials and bare escapes. The world Abby has entered is not one in which she wishes to remain. Yet when she learns the possible cost of leaving it. She fights.

The Characters

Abby Barlow is barely squeaking by in life and she is determined not to follow in her family’s footsteps. Strongminded yet reasonable. She possesses a spiritual beauty that calls strongly to Dante.

The gorgeous Dante is a vampire caught and enspelled by the coven to function as the duke’s daughter’s guardian, her beast. Selena is that daughter. Chosen to be the Chalice holding the Phoenix. As long as she lives, the wall stays in place.

Viper is the vampire who rescued Dante when he was first turned and abandoned on the London Docks hundreds of years ago. Powerful, rich, a hedonist, with a strong sense of his own abilities, and the urge to take, subdue. He makes a good backup for Dante. Troy is the so very sex-obsessed imp with the coffee shop and lots of information. Expensive information.

Rafael is a wizard who has given up his life and his soul to the Prince centuries ago. His sole purpose since has been to rise in power which means finding and destroying the Phoenix. Apprentice Amil discovers the cost of power.

Edra is the coven’s current leader, the oldest who remains after the massacre at the factory perpetrated by Rafael. She has great plans for the Phoenix. Shay is a Shalott enslaved by the witches. Kristy is one of the newest witches. One with a conscience.

The Cover

A black background with half of a full male’s face in purple.

The title could well refer to the primary theme When Darkness Comes with the death of the Phoenix and the return of the Prince to our world.

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