Book Review: Larissa Ione’s Immortal Rider

Posted January 6, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Larissa Ione’s Immortal Rider

Immortal Rider


Larissa Ione

It is part of the Lords of Deliverance #2, series and is a paranormal romance that was published by Grand Central Publishing on December 1, 2011 and has 414 pages.

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Second in the Lords of Deliverance paranormal-romance series. The couple focus is on Limos, a.k.a., Famine, and Arik Wagner, human soldier.

My Take

It’s the explosion of the true meaning of love for Limos while Arik comes to understand there are many forms of lying.

For all Limos’ experience, she certainly is sexually immature. How can she not understand that she is engaging in schoolgirlish flirting with a sexually mature adult male? What an idiot! Actually the three remaining Horsemen are idiots. They should have told the Aegis what the weaknesses were of their Seals; it could have averted quite a bit of trouble. Although, I suppose that would have screwed these particular storylines. I did find it interesting that while Limos and Arik are the primary couple focus, Ione went rather deep in setting Thanatos up for his romantic downfall. Well, perhaps, romantic is all wrong since it was actually a rape of Death. Bit of a twist on the usual paranormal-romance. A rare occasion when the rapist gets hoist with her petard. She certainly kept information close forcing me to read ever onward to learn the bits and pieces she allowed to fall.

It’s rather sweet how the remaining Three reminisce about Reseph’s enjoyment of Christmas and New Year’s. I’m also curious as to where Ione is going as she teases us with hints of regret from Harvester and Pestilence.

Interesting bits of info on meditation caves; it does make sense that such places would have had an external influence on the ancient prophets.

The Story

It’s an unexpected engagement party what with the guest list comprising demons, angels, humans, and the three Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It’s also the party that sparks Satan’s jealousy when that 5,000-year-old innocent entices Arik into kissing her. With terrifying results as tentacles drag Arik into Hell and torture. For if the demon torturers can force Arik to say Limos’ name, Limos’ Seal will break, turning Limos to Famine and starting a chain reaction on Ares and Thanatos’ Seals.

It’s been weeks and Limos continues to play both sides of the fence setting up Thanatos’ doom and her downfall. The news about Deliverance, the blade created to destroy Pestilence, is even more depressing.

The Characters

Arik Wagner is with R-XR, a paranormal military unit of Rangers; his sister Runa is married to Shade (see Desire Unchained, Demonica, 2). Kynan Morgan is an new Immortal (see Passion Unleashed, Demonica, 3) and one of the Elders of the Aegis. Decker is a new Elder for the Aegis.

Limos is also Famine with an addiction to lying; she’s also betrothed to Satan. It’s a thousands-of-years-old engagement and the pearl chastity belt fastened around her loins is ensuring her virginity. Bones is her horse. Ares is War and he’s engaged to Cara, the newly-crowned Hellhound Queen (see Eternal Rider, Lord of Deliverance, 1). Thanatos is Death; his horse, Styx. Lilith is the mother of the Four Horsemen. Regan is a human Aegis with a particular soul power whom the Aegis believes is their best chance at preventing Death’s Seal from breaking. Too bad, the Aegis is so gung-ho to dive in!

Reaver is a formerly Unfallen Angel restored to pure Angel status and is now one of the Watchers over the Horsemen. Gethel used to be the good Watcher; the current evil Watcher is Harvester with Whine as her werewolf slave helping her to break the rules. Gormesh is the Orphmage, a Neethul, who aids Harvester with a spell to entrap the angel whom Harvester addicts to the marrow wine.

Reseph has turned evil and is now Pestilence, growing more evil and stronger every day. His intention is to find the Seal for each of his brothers and his sister, break them, and turn the three as evil as he. Rhys is Arik’s chief torturer. Tavin is a Seminus demon under contract in Hell as an assassin; he’s also the Healer they use to bring Arik back to life long enough so they can torture him to death again. And again. Lucifer is Satan’s second-in-command.

The Cover and Title

The cover is of Limos and Arik, the focus of the story. Limos with her scale tattoo on her right shoulder and a surprisingly [I thought he’d be bigger] trim-looking Arik with some amazing pecs wearing his dog tags all in shades of a brownish grey to black.

The title is a bit generic in that all four Horsemen are Immortal Riders.