Book Review: Meljean Brook’s Demon Night

Posted January 6, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Meljean Brook’s Demon Night

Demon Night


Meljean Brook

paranormal romance that was published by Berkley on February 5, 2008 and has 439 pages.

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Third in the Guardians paranormal-romance series revolving around a subspecies of angel created from humans who have sacrificed themselves to save another. The couple focus is on Ethan McCabe and Charlie Newcomb and takes place in Seattle.

My Take

This was a bit confusing as I’m reading Darynda Jones’ series about a Charley and this one starts with a Charlie. I recommend both series, just don’t read them at the same time!

I do love the stories Charlie comes up with! I would read this if all I had were the fantastical tales she creates on the spur of the moment.

In this story, the demons are researching blood, trying to find a way to produce artificial blood for vampires. A subplot is the protective spell that only Guardians knew until a demon threat required their sharing it with San Francisco vampires. Well, you know what they say about a secret shared. Yup, everybody knows it now. A few symbols, your blood, and only you can pass through the barrier. Definitely puts a crimp in the Guardians’ policing.

Brook really creates an amazing and intricate storyline. It’s been awhile since I read the short that started me on this series, but I’m already wanting to go back and reread the series. This whole series is a buy for me.

The Story

It’s a rough night at the bar, and Charlie is kicking back, enjoying her smoke break when the vampires attack. Despite her speed in calling to Old Matthew and Vin, the vamps are faster but somebody appears behind her back. Saves her. Then disappears. Except for this feather. And she could have sworn it was Ethan.

Once home, she’s grateful to hear Ethan McCabe out on his balcony. He makes her feel safe. A good thing as the vampires are stalking her, planning to Turn her. They’re not the only ones interested. An old boyfriend of Jane’s, Mark Brandt, also wants to meet up with Charlie.

Then a nephilim shows up. A demon no one can kill. Combined with Sammael’s efforts to kidnap and Turn his lover’s sister, the danger to Charlie is off the charts. Ethan and SI are desperate to save Charlie and identify this new demon as they can only kill it in one form.

The Characters

Charlotte “Charlie” Newcomb is damaged. She had the most incredible voice and didn’t treasure it. Instead she lost herself in drink and that last car crash damaged her throat; she’ll never do better than a gravelly tone ever again. She also has some cognitive problems with processing. But it was enough to jerk her awake to what she was doing and now she is struggling to make amends. Partly by working at Cole’s Hard Time Bar and Grill as a bartender to pay Old Matthew back for the damages she caused. At home, she indulges in opera, classics, torch singers. She always spins a great story. Vin is another of the bartenders there.

Ethan McCabe, a.k.a., Drifter, is a Guardian. He sacrificed himself to save his younger brother, Caleb; a pointless sacrifice. His human cover is as a representative for Ramsdell Pharmaceuticals. His Gift is the ability to open steel or magnetic locks. His past. Well, let’s just say he has a very sad history.

Jane Newcomb is her very smart sister who works at Legion Laboratories. She just doesn’t know it’s a front for a demon business. Most of the human scientists at Legion work there because the demons are turning their relatives into vampires. Ethan can’t figure out why they haven’t gone after Charlie, yet. Jane’s boyfriend Dylan Samuels also works at Legion. He’s also known as the demon, Sammael. Back in Ethan’s Wild West past, Sheriff Samuel Danvers runs a tight, clean town. When the McCabe Brothers show up, he intends to tidy them up.

Colin Ames-Beaumont and Savitri “Savi” Murray play a small part (their story is in Demon Moon. Lilith, aka Agent Milton, is the daughter of Lucifer but rebelled and now lives with Hugh Castleford, a fallen Guardian; they head up Special Investigations (SI), a paranormal department of Homeland Security put together by Michael, the first Guardian with all Guardian powers, and Rael, one of Belial’s demons, who is also U.S. Congressman Stafford. Sir Pup is Lilith’s three-headed hellhound. Caelum is the otherworld home of the Guardians. Selah is another Guardian. Jake and Rebecca are novice Guardians.

Senator Bill Brandt and Mark Brandt, an old boyfriend of Jane’s who works as legal counsel to Senator Gerath. Manny is the current head of the Seattle vampire community; he took over when Vladimir and Katya were found dead. He’s a dealer and a pimp. And he owes Ethan.

The Cover and Title

The cover is actually rather thoughtful with a short-haired Ethan McCabe on the alert looking off to the side, wearing a thick black leather jacket over his bare chest…mmmm…nice chest. The background is a gritty urban buildings at night.

The title could refer to so many things; it’s really rather vague.