Book Review: Christy Reece’s Rescue Me

Posted January 10, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

by Kathy Davie

Rescue Me (Last Chance Rescue, #1)Rescue Me by Christy Reece
Series: Last Chance Rescue, 1
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First in the Last Chance Rescue romantic-suspense series. The couple focus is on Devon Winter/Eden St. Clair and Jordan Montgomery and is based in Paris.

My Take

Reece has a pre-prologue and then the prologue where she sets the scene for the majority of the story. The pre- sets us up for Devon’s teenaged hero worship of Jordan while the prologue destroys Devon and becomes the bridge to Eden.

Why on earth would Jordan ever believe anything that comes out of Alise’s mouth? He knows what a horrific bitch she is! And then for Eden to replay the same lies when she meets up with Jordan again…where are her brains?? That’s how she lost him the first time. What makes Eden think it won’t happen again? Neither Jordan nor Eden are stupid people, but Reece certainly writes them that way. And just why would the cool, calm, collected Eden be that idiotic in her adult dealings with Jordan? Gimme a break. She only has to see him to turn into a still statue unable to think. However did she survive all the missions she went on for LCR?

Reece is certainly consistent with Devon being an idiot. Do her one turn wrong and she writes you off forever even if it’s only being stupid enough to be married to her mother. How she could go all those years without contacting Henry or at least using the Internet to find out how he’s doing is beyond me.

I did like how Reece used the adoption mission to partner Jordan with Eden allowing Eden to learn the kind of man Jordan is today. Giving her time to discover his motivations, morals, and his inner man.

Okay, I’m obviously missing something here when Reece makes such a point of Jordan renting the whole castle for his dirty weekend with Eden. What is so special that he’s done this? I’m thinking from the words Reece uses that it’s supposed to be romantic, but I just don’t get it.

The Story

Devon has always been obsessed with Jordan Montgomery, Henry’s godson, and when she learns he is likely to attend a ball in D.C., Devon is determined to attend as well. She wants him to see her as an adult and not the child he would remember. Only it all goes wrong when they have sex. Devon is too young and too quick to jump to conclusions while Jordan has obviously lost his own cool…and brain.

Years later, Jordan is making one last-ditch effort to find out what happened to Devon and appeals to the head of Last Chance Rescue. The man who knows all there is to know about Jordan’s place in Eden’s heart. An episode in her life that he would like to see resolved sparking the meeting he sets up between them.

The Characters

Devon Winter becomes Eden St. Clair at the end of a long line of surgeries, therapies, and training to become an employee with Last Chance Rescue Enterprises, an organization dedicated to rescuing the innocent no matter who their family.

Jordan Montgomery has been a hero in young Devon’s life and himself rescued from a miserable existence with his grandmother by Henry Stevens, Devon’s stepfather. A more natural father than ever her mother was. I must confess I had hoped that Alise would be found to head up some criminal operation so Devon/Eden could take her down. Samara Lyons is Jordan’s current almost-fiancée. I suspect she’ll be showing up in the next in the series, Return to Me.

Noah McCall is the head of Last Chance Rescue and he rescued Devon for the talents and skills she already possessed and for the fire in her heart. Milo, Gabe Maddox, and Ethan Bishop are other employees we meet.

The primary mission in Rescue Me is interference with the Larue crime family. Georges Larue is Eden’s initial target; the way for Eden as Claire Marchand to infiltrate his family’s compound and find Christina, the young girl, the family kidnapped as both incentive to force her father into concessions and as a victim for Marc Larue with his preference for young girls. Alfred and Inez Larue are the parents of this crime family. Very loving at home, generous unless you are not family. Thomas Bennett married into the family; he’s the brains behind the pedophilic sales ring Alfred indulges in on the side. Such a lovely way to make money and keep his son happy.

The Cover

This is different! All shades of a grayish purple with white highlights around the title and the author’s name in red. The foreground is a tear in silk chiffon revealing a hazy couple about to embrace.

The title is apt enough as our heroine does need rescuing.