Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5)Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
Series: Vampire Academy, 5
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifth in the Vampire Academy urban fantasy series for young adults.

My Take

Ya know, I do appreciate Rose’s spirit and her desire to fix things. Now, if she can only live long enough to gain some maturity, she’ll be a force for good. She keeps doing all these irresponsible things. She’s brash, she doesn’t think. Part of me wants to toss her in jail myself. All she can think of is me, me, me. If Rose can be satisfied and catered to, that’s all that is really important. Smack her!!

Then again, the old guard does need things shaken up.

The Story

After Oksana and Mark’s revelation about their belief that something can be done with Spirit to return life to a Strigoi, Rose is determined that Victor Dashkov will tell her how it’s done. There’s just one problem. Dashkov is in a maximum security prison. And Rose has to break him out.

Luckily, the trio manage to get to Las Vegas and see Robert Dashkov before all hell breaks loose and Victor escapes. They also manage to cover up their involvement in his prison breakout although Rose and Eddie still end up with a long punishment detail. Through it all, Dimitri continues to track and threaten Rose’s life.

In the meantime, the Moroi council drops the age for dhampirs to graduate to 16; the queen has used Rose’s testimony and her high combat grades to justify throwing these children into the trenches and someone uses other testimony from Rose to get her accused of regicide. And the evidence is stacked heavily against Rose.

The Characters

Rose Hathaway is a dhamphir who has just graduated from St. Vladimir’s along with Lissa Dragomir the last royal Dragomir of her lineage. Janine Hathaway is her mother and a famous dhamphir. Abe Mazur is her father and a feared Moroi with a lot of influence all over the human, Moroi, and dhamphir worlds. A bit of a pirate.

Adrian Ivashkov is a royal Moroi and in love with Rose; Rose has promised to commit to being his girlfriend. Adrian may have some concerns now that Abe is threatening him if he should hurt his little girl. Daniella and Nathan Ivashkov are Adrian’s parents whom Rose meets when he takes her home for dinner. And parties and funerals. Daniella has a very unexpected attitude about Adrian dating Rose; one that seems to be shared by the queen. Dimitri Belikova is the dhamphir Rose loves but he was turned Strigoi when the school was attacked in Shadow Kiss.

Christian Ozera was Lissa’s boyfriend. During this period, he and Rose became friends. Tasha Ozera is his aunt and a strong proponent of teaching Moroi to defend themselves. Jill Mastrano is a younger student whom Christian has been tutoring in the use of her Moroi magic to fight the Strigoi. Mia Rinaldi is a former enemy and now a friend whom Rose turns to for help in breaking into Victor’s prison. Eddie Castile is another graduating dhamphir who also ranked high; he’s about to put it all in jeopardy for Rose.

Queen Tatiana is blowing hot and cold on Rose. It’s enough to leave Rose wary and confused. Ambrose is the dhamphir who chose not to become a Guardian instead he’s the queen’s lover and he brings Rose a note from the queen. One that explains her reasoning for the 16-year-old rule. Rhonda is Ambrose’s Moroi aunt who tells fortunes. Mikhail Tanner is the Guardian on duty when Rose breaks in to the archives. He sympathizes with her goal for he had loved Ms. Karp, another spirit user who went mad and chose to become Strigoi to avoid the insanity. Victor Dashkov is a former royal Moroi convicted of abusing Lissa in Vampire Academy. He is Rose’s only route to get to his brother Robert who knows how to bring a Strigoi back.

Hans Croft is the Guardian in charge at the Royal Court. Sydney the Alchemist pops in to throw a wrench into the works.

The Cover

The cover is consistent with the earlier ones. A black wrought iron gate with the “VA” initials and the oversized profiles of Adrian and Rose. Adrian bending to kiss Rose as she turns her head away. A very accurate portrayal of Rose’s treatment of him.

I think the title hints at Dimitri’s condition at the end of the story. I think he’s Spirit Bound to Lissa and no one yet knows.

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