Book Review: Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Awakening

Posted January 17, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Awakening


Alyssa Day

mythic fantasy, romance in a paperback edition that was published by Berkley Sensation on November 6, 2007 and has 284 pages.

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Second in the Warriors of Poseidon mythic fantasy romance series about the elite guard protecting the king of Atlantis. The couple focus is on Erin Connors and the King’s Vengeance with Seattle as this story’s base of operations. Their goal is the retrieval of Nereid’s Heart.

My Take

I do enjoy the guards’ smug approach to fighting the vamps. I do wish however that Day spent more time creating a depth of tension. Sure, there’s the usual tension from the battles, will the shield hold, who is this goddess inhabiting my body…you know, the usual. But it doesn’t make my heart race or urge my eyes to speed across the page.

It is a hoot to read the exchanges between the human women who become involved with an Atlantean. Modern women aren’t so hot on the “me Tarzan, tree swinging” thing.

Oh, please. Day, you have got to do a better job than this! Day has Erin whining and moaning about “taking a life”. It is just not believable in any sense. This is the person who helped plan and took part in the massacre of her family. This person has betrayed everyone around them. They were about to murder Erin and Ven. And, she feels bad that she protected herself. Arghhhhhh…! Quinn is soooo much more believable in her terrified acceptance. So is Dierdre. Could we swap??

No, that last line in the story was such a throwaway! Simply an excuse to give it the title.

The Story

What a way to destroy a good battle?! Instead of a willing woman, Ven has to take this meeting with a member of the local coven and whoever it is, is late. Well, an alliance to take out Caligula wouldn’t hurt.

It’s on their way to the coven’s meeting house that Erin is attacked and one of her rescuers whispers the name “Caligula”. A name that conveys a world of meaning and anger as it explains the sudden upsurge in vampires in the area.

Conlan is in despair for Riley gets sicker every day. None can help. Alaric’s power does not encompass pregnancy or childbearing. the First Maiden is unable to do more than pace. But Ven refuses to remain in Atlantis at Riley’s side. This alliance is too important. And Erin is his.

It’s betrayals and battles. Warnings of spies. Personal battles between Ven and Erin as he tries to protect her.

The Characters

Erin Connors is a gem singer [one whose soul resonates with the spirit of the stones of the earth; it requires some degree of elven blood] with the Wilding Magic, using song to heal and do battle. She’s also a member of the Seattle Circle of Light coven. Ten years ago, her entire family was slaughtered by vampires and now she learns that her sister Dierdre is alive but Turned, fighting still against Caligula. The high priestesses had learned of her existence but did not tell Erin.

The King’s Vengeance “Ven” is horrified. He is now the heir to the throne; the court will be plotting with who he should join. They’re calling him “Your Highness”!?? Conlan and Riley had better start popping out babies and get him out of this!

Crown Prince Conlan is about to be crowned king and married to Riley Dawson, pregnant with his child. But it’s a sickly pregnancy. The child does not thrive and it is hurting Riley. There are seven Warriors of Poseidon, a special Guard to protect the king. Besides Ven and Conlan, the guard includes: the blue-haired Lord Justice; the damaged Alexios; the cheeky Christophe; Brennan who was cursed to never feel again after he was caught fooling with a senator’s daughter in Rome; Bastien, still in Florida with his new mate; and, Denal, the baby who really needs to sit down for a week at least with DVDs, the boy just doesn’t grasp cultural references! Marie is the First Maiden of the Nereids, a priestess of the Goddess and Bastien’s sister.

Alaric is the high priest of Poseidon; to retain his power and help his people he must remain celibate even at the cost of his soul mate, Quinn Dawson, leader of the rebels. Jack Shepherd is a tiger shifter and a rebel leader as well. He’s a little too close to Quinn for Alaric’s comfort. Reisen is fighting with the rebels. Taking on suicide missions in his attempts to redeem the honor of his house.

The high priestesses of the Circle of Light are Lillian, Berenice, and Gennae. They have their doubts about Erin’s control over the Wilding Magic.

Caligula, yup, the Roman emperor, is a vampire. An extremely strong vampire and he really wants Erin. That way, he’ll have a matched set he can torture.

Daniel, a.k.a., Drakos, is a vampire ally who helped them kill Barrabas and Anubisa, the vampire goddess of Chaos and Night (see Atlantis Rising). Seems he was a Spartan warrior back in the day.

The Cover and Title

Oooh, pretty with its blues and purple mists swirling around a jeans-clad, buff body wearing a deep blue shirt open and displaying that smooth chest, the tattoo of Poseidon’s mark vivid on his left pec.

The title is convenient. Yes, it is about Atlantis but the “awakening” is simply a word.