Book Review: Cheyenne McCray’s The First Sin

Posted January 20, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Cheyenne McCray’s The First Sin

The First Sin


Cheyenne McCray

erotic romance, romantic suspense that was published by St. Martin's Press on February 3, 2009 and has 353 pages.

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First in the Lexi Steele erotic romantic suspense series revolving around an agent for RED and based in Boston.

My Take

Oh, lord, this was just disturbing. Okay, yeah, the subject matter, kidnapping young women and selling them as sex slaves is bad enough, but the ordeals that Lexi goes through in her undercover role…euff and then there’s the torture when she gets kidnapped. Phew. Definitely not arousing [for me].

If this is supposed to be an undercover assignment, wouldn’t it make more sense for Lexi to have an apartment/home to match her undercover identity? Nor did I really feel the passion between Lexi and Donovan. Sure the words were good, but there wasn’t any depth to it.

I certainly enjoyed Kristin’s vengeance at the end…you go, girl!! I can’t fault McCray for the action or the tension. She really cranked it up, and I had a hard time putting the book down.

The Story

Kristin Donovan is Nick’s sister and just finishing up a psychology paper when the guy she starts dancing with at a club buys her a drink. A drugged drink. He seems/seemed like such a nice guy until he tipped her sluggish body into the panel van.

It’s this kidnapping that changes Nick Donovan’s mind about joining RED. He’s already experienced as a dominant and that is exactly what Operation Cinderella needs to go undercover at three high-end sex clubs in Boston.

It’s a major upset for Lexi Steele. It’s her op, and she had planned on going in undercover as the dominant with Agent Perry as her submissive. It’s just not in her nature to submit to anyone. But, for the sake of Special Agent Stacy Randolph whose body was found floating in Boston Harbor and all those girls about to be auctioned off, Lexi will swallow her pride when Karen insists Lexi take Nick on as her partner in this sting.

Each owner requires that Lexi undergo a submissive test, and it just goes from bad to worse as Lexi and Donovan appear for the first time in each club. And in each club, they gather more and more information.

The Characters

Special Agent Alexi “Lexi” Steele, a.k.a., Alexi McGrath is her seedier undercover ID, and a.k.a., Alexi Adams for the elite, had been a sniper in Special Forces and then an FAS-blackmailed assassin. Now she’s an agent for RED thanks to Karen. She comes from a large Boston-Irish family who thinks she travels for an interpreting organization. There’s Mammy, Daddy, Zane who also works for RED, Troy, Sean is the baby, Evan, Ryan on leave from the Marines, and Rori who never eats. Gary was her boyfriend until she caught him.

Special Agent Nick Donovan, a.k.a.,, Sire Dunning, is absolutely hunkalicious and a former Special Ops. He’s brought some friends in on this assignment: Mike Freeman, Aaron Lloyd, and Eric Harrison. And they’re all big as trees! Even better, Donovan loves to cook! My kinda guy!

The Recovery Enforcement Division (RED) is…
…a completely dark organization split off from the National Security Agency. Very few know of its existence. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Karen Oxford runs it. Darlene is Karen’s assistant; she hates Lexi. Georgina is Lexi’s best friend. Isabella Chavez replaces Randolph. Lexi’s three lead agents on her particular team are David Takamoto, Rick Smithe, and Marti Jensen. Seth Taylor is in charge of the technological analysts and hackers. SA Weiss is going undercover as a professor at Harvard while SA Marti Jensen will play his willing coed to snare some pervy professors.

Chancy Yeager is their informant on this case with inside tickets provided by Holly Endicott to the three most exclusive clubs in Boston: the Champagne Slipper owned by Lucca Tarantino, the Crystal Twilight is run by Jason Strong, and the Glass House run by Benjamin Cabot. Mistress Danica, Slave Kathy, and Slave Samuel prep Lexi for her appearance in the Champagne Slipper. Schilling is something of a dark horse in this operation. Professors Michaels, Galsband, Allen, and Grumman.

The Cover and Title

The cover is seductive with two barely dressed people getting up close and personal about to kiss, all in shades of blue with band of gilt pushing the title into view.

The title is…hmmm…I guess if you consider Lexi accepting Nick as a partner, it could be considered The First Sin in their working and personal relationships.