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Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6)Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
Series: Vampire Academy, 6 (and last)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sixth and last in the Vampire Academy urban fantasy series for young adults revolving around Rose Hathaway and her friends.

My Take

Someone is trying to frame Rose for killing Queen Tatiana and Rose and her friends and family are racing to find proof as to the real killer.

True to form, Rose doesn’t think, she simply acts on the first thought out of her head with no thought for consequences, screwing up their ability to move.

It’s rather funny how prejudiced Rose is about the Keepers; Sydney is certainly disgusted by them. I did love how democratic the Moroi culture became with the monarch elections, especially when Lady Badica tries to kick people around.

It’s a tale of revelations. Dimitri faces his time as a Strigoi. Of course, it helps that Sonya Karp is also brought back. By helping her face her return to life, Dimitri gets a better handle on his own return. Lissa must understand the ramifications of ruling over the Moroi. Rosa must face her actions against Victor. She must also learn to slow down and think!

Snicker…Sonya gives a whole new meaning to weeding. Whoa, some pretty interesting tests they put the monarchial candidates through. Well, you can definitely see how young Rose is that she doesn’t see that Dimitri still loves her.

And that’s what it all comes down to…love.

The Story

Against the pile of evidence against Rose and the speed with which the Court is racing to a verdict, the only chance Rose and her friends and family have of finding the real killer is more time. Rose’s escape from her jail cell will buy that time for those left behind to track down witnesses and uncover evidence that will prove her innocence.

Luckily, Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Eddie, and Abe planned the breakout beautifully. The Guardians may be suspicious, but nothing can be proved.

Dimitri’s defense of Rose in the cafe has undone some of the good they had managed in convincing the Moroi that Dimitri truly was no longer Strigoi. Still he has some freedom of movement, a freedom he uses to break out of the compound with Rose before joining up with Sydney. All part of Abe’s plan. A plan that has Rose crawling the walls almost before she hears it. Her lack of forethought comes to the fore when her actions force the trio to abandon her father’s plan and run. Another escape that reveals yet another secret.

The message Tatiana had gotten to Rose through Ambrose. A way to help Lissa. Now if they can just survive Victor Dashkov with his power-hungry plans. Find the true killer. Prove Rose’s innocence. Survive Dimitri’s Strigoi contacts. Give Lissa a chance at the voting. Find Lissa’s sibling. Survive the Tests.

All they have to do is slow the process down with nominations. Track down a supposedly non-existent child of Eric Dragomir. Escapes. Revisit Strigoi nightmares. Kidnappings. The false trails. Truth.

The Characters

Newly-graduated Guardian and dhamphir, Rose Hathaway, is jailed for killing Queen Tatiana and the court is racing to convict. When Lissa brought Rose back from the dead, a bond was formed between them. Rose is always aware of Lissa’s emotions and can use Lissa’s eyes to see what occurs around her. Dimitri Belikov is one of the best of the Guardians and he’s abjured Rose. After Lissa brought him back from being Strigoi, he feels such intense guilt that he doesn’t feel he deserves her love. Ibrahim “Abe” Mazur is Moroi, gangster enough that he can accomplish just about anything, and Rose’s father. He steps up to defend Rose from the regicide charges. Janine Hathaway is one of the elite Guardians. And Rose’s mother.

Princess Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir is a Moroi and the last of the Dragomirs. She is also a Spirit user and her bond with Rose has allowed them to understand this long-lost ability and how it affects Lissa. Christian Ozera is back with Lissa. A royal Moroi, he uses Fire. Tasha Ozera is Christian’s aunt and a proponent for teaching Moroi how to defend themselves.

Eddie Castile is a fellow Guardian and former schoolmate of Rose, Lissa, and Christian’s. He’s been putting his honor on the line for Rose for some time now. Mikhail Tanner is an older Guardian who has been helping Rose in the hopes that the miracle Lissa wrought with Dimitri can save his love, Sonya Karp. Mia Rinaldi is a classmate and former enemy. Jill Mastrano is a younger Moroi classmate who has been learning defensive magic from Christian; her parents are Emily and John.

Adrian Ivashkov is a royal Moroi who uses Spirit and can dream-walk; he’s also in love with Rose. Tatiana was his aunt and he is grieving. Daniella and Nathan Ivashkov are Adrian’s parents; his mother is accepting of Adrian’s affair with Rose while his father is a typical jerk Moroi. Candidates for queen include: Rufus Tarus, Daniella’s cousin; Ariana Szelsky; Ronald Ozera; Marie Conta; Marcus Lazar; …and, Lissa. Ekaterina Zeklos was the Moroi Queen before Tatiana.

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, part of a human organization which cleans up dead Strigoi and prevents the rest of the world from learning about the Moroi world. She and Rose met in Russia when Rose was hunting Dimitri (see Blood Promise). The Alchemists hate and fear all vampires whatever their origin or status. Ian is an Alchemist with a possible inside on the Moroi who attacked Lissa.

Victor Dashkov is still free and with his brother Robert Doru, another Spirit user. The one who told Rose how to bring a Strigoi back from the dead. Joe is a janitor paid off by two different mysterious Moroi to provide an alibi on one hand and destroy another’s. Ambrose, a dhamphir, was one of Tatiana’s lovers. Blake Lazar was one of Tatiana’s narcissitic lovers. Serena was one of Lissa’s Guardians in the Strigoi attack on her in Spirit Bound.

Hans Croft is the head of the Guardians at Court. Alberta Petrov was in charge of the Guardians at school. Ethan Moore is another Guardian fascinated by Tasha.

The Keepers are Moroi who have kept with the old ways: human, Moroi, and dhamphir having equal status. Raymond is the Moroi leader of the group to whom Sydney takes Rose and Dimitri for refuge; Sarah is his human wife while Paulette is his Moroi mistress. Their children are Phil; Molly; Joshua who wants to marry Rose; and, Angeline with the biggest chip I’ve ever seen on her shoulder —I wonder if Mead is setting us up for the next series??

The Cover

The cover is consistent with the others: a dark background with the bust of a full-lipped Rose, her hair blown by an unseen breeze, as she gazes out at us from behind the wrought iron VA gate.

The title indicates both the end of the series and the Last Sacrifice made to ensure Lissa lives.

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