Book Review: Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound

Posted February 4, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound

Dragon Bound


Thea Harrison

paranormal romance that was published by Berkley Sensation on May 3, 2011 and has 312 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Storm's Heart, Serpent's Kiss, Lord's Fall, Pia Saves the Day, Falling Light, "Dragos Meets Stinkpot"

First in the Elder Races paranormal romance series. The couple focus is on Dragos and Pia Giovanni. If you’re interested, there is a chronological listing of the Elder Races books on my website.

In 2012, Dragon Bound won the About Romance Annual Reader Poll for Best Paranormal Romance and the RITA Award by Romance Writers of America for Best Paranormal Romance; it was nominated for the DABWAHA Romance Tournament for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction. In 2011, it won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for RT Book of the Year AND Best Shapeshifter Romance.

My Take

Oh, this was excellent! It reminded me very much of Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. Just replace archangels with dragons. There’s some nice bonding between Pia and Dragos’ seven sentinels — yup, I reckon there will be eight full novels in this series.

It was a unique bit of writing with Harriman giving us a hero who is fiercely alpha but capable of recognizing that times have changed, and he needs to give while the heroine is almost terrifyingly independent yet realizing that she has flaws as well. We could hope to do so well in our own real-world lives!

Dragos is overly protective and flings commands at everyone; Pia is accustomed to being on her own. And its fun to watch Pia soothe his savage beast while ingratiating herself with his people. On his part, Dragos learns to take others into account. I am so looking forward to reading the next in the series, Storm’s Heart, if only to see how Pia’s presence and her small gift to Dragos affects all who work for Dragos in Cuelebre Tower. I am also curious as to how visits with the various Elf Courts are arranged what with betrayals from the Light Fae and the change with the Dark.

Oh lord, I did enjoy Tricks and Pia’s drunken afternoon! Then the interlude in the gym where Pia showed off her moves…too funny! I also like how honest Gray is with her when he talks to her about her fears. Very nice. I like these guys. I want to get to know more about them.

The negative is small and I don’t understand how this fierce, trained woman becomes such a wimp. It’s a small whine and perhaps Harrison simply didn’t feel the need to write Pia such a struggle.

The Story

Pia is desperate. She’s gotten herself into a nasty corner, and she can only hope to mitigate some of the damage and flee the city. Still hoping to avoid detection.

Small hope for dragons are known for their memories and minute inventories of their hoards. Dragos knows to the penny just what treasure has been stolen from him and all of New York knows his displeasure! And Pia has left a clue behind that Dragos is quick to use.

It seems that even an Elven treaty isn’t enough to prevent Dragos from pursuing Pia. A pursuit that has long-term repercussions when the Charleston elves recognize Pia, and Urien’s goblins capture Dragos.

Pia and Dragos may save each other, but Pia acknowledges that she owes Dragos for the theft. Giving them the opportunity and time to realize just what exists between them as they continue to evade elvish attacks and their own concerns.

The Characters

New York City is under the purview of the Elder Races: the Wyrkind, Light and Dark Elves, the Fae, and other such creatures.

Pia Giovanni will never make a good thief. Not without a lot more training! And she’s thrown her mother’s most basic teaching right out the window! Quentin is also Other and runs Elfie’s, a bar where the misfit breeds can kick back and relax. He and Pia have been friends for the past four years she’s worked there.

Dragos Cuelebre, a dragon, was born along with the bones of the planets and became bound to Earth. He has grown and learned along with it and the various peoples who evolved on it. Now, he rules New York City, partially through his corporation, Cuelebre Enterprises.

Rune is a gryphon and Dragos’ second-in-command; the remaining six sentinels include the gryphons Constantine, Graydon, and Bayne; Grym is the gargoyle in charge of corporate security; Aryal the harpy in charge of investigations; and, Tiago, a thunderbird who heads up Dragos’ private army. Thistle Periwinkle, a.k.a., Tricks, a.k.a., Faerie Barbie, is the PR spokesperson for Cuelebre Enterprises. That’s her daytime identity. Kristoff, a bear shifter, is one of Dragos’ assistants.

Ferion is one of the Charleston elves who recognizes Pia’s mother in her. When Dragos drags Pia off, it sends political tremors throughout the Charleston Enclave. The Elven High Lord Calondir takes umbrage at Dragos’ appropriation of Pia while his consort Lady Beluviel seems to see Pia’s side of things.

Keith Hollins looked good upon first acquaintance. It was the longer relationship that revealed his weaknesses. Too bad Pia was so desperate for love. Preston is a half-troll who hangs at Elfie’s.

Urien Lorelle is the Dark Fae King, “one of the seven rulers of the Elder Races”, and based in Chicago. He’s one of Dragos’ worst enemies.

The Cover and Title

The cover is yellows and purples with Dragos turning his head to look over his shoulder at us, his lower torso and arm scaled to suit his dragon side as another dragon twists in the skies.

The title plays two ways: Dragos is definitely Dragon Bound to his shifter side while Pia is also bound to her dragon.