Book Review: J.R. Ward (as Jessica Bird)’s His Comfort and Joy

Posted February 21, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: J.R. Ward (as Jessica Bird)’s His Comfort and Joy

His Comfort and Joy


J.R. Ward, Jessica Bird

contemporary romance that was published by Silhouette on January 2006 and has 248 pages.

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Second in the Moorehouse Legacy romance series and number 1732 in the Silhouette Special. The series revolves around the Moorehouse family. What remains of it. The couple focus here is on Joy Moorehouse and Grayson Bennett.

Alternative titles include Player and From the First.

My Take

Oh, this was so sweet. The whole Cinderella story except this “prince” helps his “Cinderella” to a fashion career. Gray’s smoldering makes Joy think he’s angry and her pride causes her to pull back which only intrigues Gray more.

I think that Cass knew Gray was attracted to Joy that night at the dance at the town square and used Joy’s creative work to ensure Joy and Gray met again and again. Even Tom notices. Ward continues to drag the do-me, don’t-me out throughout the story, but in a good way that creates a modicum of tension in which you can’t wait to read how she will resolve Gray’s issues and Joy’s naiveté. And, oh man, his issues are something else. For such a player, he’s pretty clueless…and addicted. It’s a bit of a lesson in tolerance and acceptance with an interesting balance of pride and desire on Joy’s part. She made me a bit nuts with it — I’m thinking I probably have too much pride.

I feel as though Ward kinda missed her depiction of Belinda. It lacked a depth on her part. Well, maybe it is within her character…it’s just that Ward could have gone a bit deeper on her weaknesses.

Arghh, Ward keeps teasing us with not telling what happened in that yachting accident! Although Alex does finally confess to Joy. Even as Becks finally confesses to Gray.

The Story

Joy Moorehouse has dreamed about Grayson Bennett for years now. A man whom she sees briefly in passing a few times a year. It’s taken all this time for her to realize how stupid this is, a realization enforced when she sees Gray with Cass. Life is passing her by and Joy needs to stop living in her dream world.

Yet, it’s this decision that brings her to both Gray and Cass’ attention. That bikini Gray saw her in earlier has brought it home to him just how grown up Joy is. Then the wedding dress she’s designed for Frankie results in Cass seeing other fashion designs Joy has created. And the opportunity for a more practical application of her talents as well as an opportunity for Gray to see more of Joy. And the more he sees, the more he wants. Even if she isn’t what he thought.

It’s their upbringings that create the problems however. Gray sees Joy within the framework of what his mother has taught him to expect and his adult life has simply reinforced those lessons. Joy has always known the comfort and support of her family and has no reference for Gray’s actions. Only her love that she pours forth with little reserve. And Gray sees with his childhood’s blinkers.

The Characters

Joy Moorehouse is paying her sister back for all the support and care Frankie has given her since their parents died. She is the primary caregiver for their great-aunt which included the care, maintenance, and redesign of the designer classics of Emma “Grand-Em” Moorehouse‘s youth.

Frankie Moorehouse is excited about her upcoming wedding to Nathan Walker, the chef extraordinaire who turned everything around for her. Everything (see Rebel). Spike is Nathan’s partner and complements him very well in the kitchen. Tom Reynolds is their new line cook and interested in Joy. Alex Moorehouse has pursued anything to do with sailing and races. Until that last race when Reese died and Alex almost did.

Grayson Bennett is a political consultant with the president’s ear. He knows where all the bodies are buried. Walter Bennett, his father, was a federal judge until his stroke. Belinda Bennett is his slut of a mother — absolutely no one is/was off-limits to her appetites.

Cassandra Cutler is a recent widow. Her husband Reese was killed in the boating accident which Alex Moorehouse survived.

Allison and Senator Roger Adams are Gray and Cass’ friends. John “Becks” Beckin is an old schoolfriend of Gray’s and the U.S. Senate Majority Leader. His wife Mary is dead. And he is concerned about leaks and a fellow politician’s affair with Anna Shaw, a journalist. Sean “SOB” O’Banyon is a financier and friend of Gray’s; from the way in which Ward writes of this character, I suspect one of the books will find his love.

The Cover and Title

The cover is edged along the spine in a vibrant royal blue with a blow-up of Gray and Joy staring into each other’s eyes with love while below is the White Caps with a white stretch limo coming toward us.

The title is all about Gray and His Comfort and Joy as he accepts his love for her.