Book Review: Thea Harrison’s Storm’s Heart

Posted March 10, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Thea Harrison’s Storm’s Heart

Storm's Heart


Thea Harrison

paranormal romance in Paperback edition that was published by Berkley Sensation on August 2, 2011 and has 305 pages.

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Second in the Elder Races paranormal romance series revolving around the elite Wyr warriors, sentinels, of Dragos Cuelebre. The couple focus is on Tiago and Tricks, er, I mean the Princess Niniane of the Dark Fae.

My Take

These two have a hard row to hoe. He’s wyr. She’s fae. The future queen of the Dark Fae. And they won’t be welcoming of a wyr king nor of half-wyr/half-fae children who will inherit. Seems none of the Elder races are keen on this combination.

A couple nods to The Three Stooges.

Tiago sure cracks me up! His long history as a god certainly comes through in all his alpha-ness. Tricks sure knows how to rev up his engine…I do love her frequent requests, or is that pleas, for a do-over ’cause her mouth got away from her brain. Or when she tries to get out of it with “I’m just sayin’!” Of course, Tiago has his own response to “her tempestuousness” or “your argumentativeness” and yet more.

Oh god, oh yeah, Tricks discovers that Tiago’s real animal form is a mother hen!

As much as Tricks doesn’t want the throne, she puts it really well as to why she intends to fight for it when she explains it to Tiago: “Niniane didn’t die, she just went into hiding…I’m right too. Urien killed that teenage girl…Going back and claiming the throne is the only way I can get justice for her, and for her parents and brothers”.

Oh yeah, Tiago definitely has grounds for pissed-offed-ness when Niniane complains about not knowing if he’s any good, and he points out that she’s the one who keeps putting the brakes on! He does discover a whole new way of battle. Peaceful, mostly lacking in aggression. But still war.

Well, I still don’t get it. What is the deal with Tri-State Financial Services and what is the significance of its shareholder?

Harrison did a reasonable job on the tension, but she kind of missed the boat on really taking it deep — a very, very minor whine on my part.

Lack of Urien seems to be going to the delegation’s heads when they refuse to let Tricks have her clothes! But, oh man, does she ever get her own back on them!!

Oooh, I think Rune is getting set up for the Vampyre Councillor!

The Story

Hindsight is always 20-20 when Niniane goes missing. Video footage posted to YouTube showed her being attacked by her own escort.

It was the best choice politically for Tricks to go to Chicago without Wyr backup. The balance of power is very delicate between the Elder Races, and no one would be happy if the Wyr appeared to be sticking their noses into Dark Fae business. But this assassination, caught on camera, means all bets are off. Just as Tiago is immediately off to Chicago to find her with the rest of the Sentinels making preparations.

But Tricks won’t rely upon anyone but herself. It’s a lesson she learned when her uncle murdered her parents and her brothers. Too bad, Tiago didn’t get the memo…as they battle over whether Tricks goes back to New York or continues down this path toward her destruction.

Good thing really, that Tiago is open to negotiation…on his terms. It’s just too bad there are so many good — political — objections.

The Characters

Thistle Periwinkle, a.k.a., Tricks, was the Wyrkind PR faerie, and the Sentinels taught her every trick in the book. With the death of her usurper uncle Urian, Tricks, now Niniane Lorelle, has declared her ancestry and claimed her throne. Her parents, King Rhian and Queen Shaylee, and brothers were murdered.

Tiago Black Eagle is a thunderbird, a.k.a., Dr. Death behind his back. Worshipped as a god for centuries, Tiago is now the leader of Dragos’ armies.

The Wyrkind is a…
…demesne ruled by Dragos Cuelebre, the Lord of the Wyrkind, mated to the pregnant Pia. His Sentinels include the gryphons who keep the peace in the Wyr demesne: Rune is his First, Bayne, Constantine, and Graydon. Aryal is a harpy and in charge of investigations. The head of security is a gargoyle, Grym, who spends a bit of time” hauling Aryal’s ass out of trouble”.

Lieutenant Cameron Rogers is a twenty-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department and leads the task force for Niniane’s protection. Dr. Seremela Telemar, a medusa, is the medical examiner in charge of the magic morgue in Chicago. Tucker is a badger shifter who helped Tiago in Chicago. Scott Hughes is the hotel manager…poor baby.

Clarence is the moron who posted the attack to YouTube.

The Dark Fae delegation…
…sent to meet Tricks in Chicago includes Chancellor Aubrey and Naida Riordan; Justice Kellen Trevenan; and, Commander Arethusa Shiron, current head of Dark Fae military forces. Her men include Captain Durin and Hefeydd.

Urien was the Dark Fae King killed by Dragos for his kidnapping of his woman. Geril was Niniane’s cousin.

The Elder Races are…
…made up of the Wyrkind (based in New York), the Light Fae (elves, centered in Charleston, South Carolina) and Dark Fae (based in Chicago), Demonkind (Houston), Nightkind (vampires took over San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest), “human witches (Louisville), and all manner of monstrous creatures”.

The Elder Races send a representative to Chicago to arbitrate after two assassination attempts against Niniane: Vampyre Councillor of the Elder Tribunal Carling Severan. Rhoswen is her assistant while Duncan is extra help.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a greeny-gray and blue-black. A nightlit, lightning-struck cityscape with a huge flat, paved surface between it and a bridge pillar where Tiago stands, one foot propped up, hands at his hips with his naked, muscled torso gleaming, the barbed wire tatts obvious on his biceps.

The title refers to Taigo’s power over storms for Niniane is this Storm’s Heart.