Bruce Coville, The Monster’s Ring

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The Monster's Ring (Magic Shop, #1)The Monster’s Ring by Bruce Coville
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A kid’s story about bullies and finding your own ground.

My Take
It’s about standing up for yourself against bullies. Whether it’s a caring sort of bullying from your parents or the nastier kind from mean kids. But the ring provides opportunities for Russell to learn why Eddie is so mean and gives him the courage to talk to his parents, to make peace with Eddie.

It’s also about reading the instructions..!

The Story
Russell Crannaker is a shy boy who is always being bullied by Eddie. And it’s his innermost desire that leads him to Elives’ Magic Supplies shop. The shop that both fulfills his fantasies and fuels his nightmares.

But Russell takes it too far one time and discovers, really, how wonderful his life was.

The Characters
Mr. Crannaker never, ever stops talking and Mrs. Crannaker fusses and fusses trying to make everything all right.

The Cover
The cover is bright shades of green from blues to yellows. The front is bordered in devilish carvings with statues inset on the sides. The lower half is an inset golden window featuring a horned and fanged drooling monster in a striped T-shirt wearing a watch and a baseball cap.

The title says it all for it’s The Monster’s Ring that changes everything.

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