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Tempest (Tempest, #1)Tempest by Julie Cross
Series: Tempest, 1
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First in the Tempest suspenseful science fiction series revolving around Jackson Meyer, a nineteen-year-old college student who has secretly been time traveling for the past year.

My Take
Poor guy. His relationship with Holly is at risk on so many levels, mostly through his reluctance to confess to her. In some respects, Jackson is very adult. In others, you are very aware he’s still a young, immature kid without any real life experience.

There isn’t any real logic to the start of the story. Mostly, it’s Jackson running about trying things out and learning the truth about his past until the last bit of the story when he has enough information to fill in the blanks. Except Cross has simply provided new blanks that need filling.

It’s interesting to read as Jackson gets more and more…politely…obstructive. Using the CIA’s techniques against them. That whole scene where Holly first finds out about the CIA…her initial reactions feel right. It’s afterwards that is just too easy.

It’s hard to say where Jackson’s “dad” falls; if he’s on Jackson’s side or the CIA’s. If they had simply told Jackson the truth from the start, I think Jackson would have been more receptive. Instead, the way they lie and manipulate him, I wouldn’t trust ’em either. Both sides have lost their sense of humanity.

The Story
Jackson finally decides to get scientific about his time traveling—with Adam’s help. Only, there’s a glitch on one of his trips and Jackson gets stuck in 2007. One year earlier. It does provide an opportunity to explore his own life from an older perspective. Find Holly and Adam sooner. Spy on his so-called dad. Prevent the events of October 30, 2009.

Only, Jackson keeps stepping into situations in which he believes his bulletproof. Protected. He does learn a variety of skills along the way. Some are Axelle-induced, some taught by his “dad”. Some he learns through stress.

The last one he learns…to let go.

The Characters
Jackson Meyer is a time-traveling student who accidentally fell into it—the first time—when he got bored in his French poetry class. Kevin Meyer is his father. The man he thought was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Courtney Meyer is his twin sister who died a few years back from brain cancer. Eileen Covington was the closest person to a mother for the twins. Until her murder.

Holly Flynn is the fellow student with whom Jackson has a strong connection. –I don’t think he’s ever really understood love and this is what takes him so long to recognize it. Jana is her best friend and a coworker at Astro Twisters, a recreational and preschool gymnastics club. Mike Steinman is the boss and Toby is another coworker.

Adam Silverman is a science geek and computer hacker who becomes friends with Jackson through Holly—in both times. He takes a scientific approach and forces Jackson to track a number of details on each of his escapes through time.

Dr. Melvin is the medical doctor who has been tracking Jackson and Courtney’s health since their planned conception and experimenting on them. Agents Freeman and Edwards are some of the agents “protecting” the Meyer twins. Miss Jenni Stewart is Jackson’s dad’s secretary. Cal is the Meyers’ driver. Chief Marshall is Kevin Meyer’s boss at the CIA.

Enemies of Time (EOT) agents include Rena, Raymond, Cassidy (her eggs were used to create Jackson and Courtney), Harold,and Dr. Ludwig; Thomas is their leader, I think.

The little red-haired girl with the blue eyes…Emily…I think she’s Jackson’s daughter. Whether she’s cloned or natural…???

The Cover
The cover has a balletic quality with Jackson and Holly arched and reaching for each other as Jackson is free-falling head down with Holly in a mirrored pose but facing up against a cloudy sky with a flicker of lightning.

The title reflects what has happened to Jackson’s life and this Tempest is so much bigger than a teapot!

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