Book Review: Lilith Saintcrow’s Storm Watcher

Posted April 20, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lilith Saintcrow’s Storm Watcher

Storm Watcher


Lilith Saintcrow

paranormal romance that was published by ImaJinn Books on April 8, 2005 and has 176 pages.

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Second in The Watchers paranormal romance series revolving around Circle Lightfall and the three witches who are the Guardians of the city. The couple focus is on Mari and Hanson.

My Take

The only reason I’ll let Mira live is to help her Watcher, Hanson. She is the most irritating person!! She never, never thinks of her safety. Always running away and being stupid. She really needs two Watchers. Or chains… Maybe if someone explained…again…to the twit about the relationship between a Watcher and the witch who settles his pain, she wouldn’t be so annoying. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if Hanson or Dante would explain these facts of life to her…please…if only to put me out of my irritation.

Of course, Hanson’s excessive lack of self-esteem is so not helping here. I can sort of understand it with his background, the training he’s suffered through, and the loss he suffered that he does have these lack of entitlement issues, but, must Saintcrow go on and on about it. Between the two of them I just wanted to put the book down.

Most of the story is of Hanson wanting to touch Mari but not feeling good enough, especially since he believes that Mari can’t stand him. Mari wants him to touch her, kiss her, but she thinks he can’t stand to be around her. Says something about the power of communication…!

The Story

Mari is almost done getting her degree. She simply has to finish up her thesis paper, tidy up the bibliography, and get it printed. Only she can’t get Hanson out of her mind.

Now a strange man is giving her notes, saying they’re from Suzanne, telling her to beware the Watchers. The fact that neither Dante nor Hanson have ever given her any cause to believe this guy…

Meanwhile, the attacks on Mari and the visions she suffers through continue and Hanson continues to be there to protect her…as long as she doesn’t run off while he does it. But there is one vision in particular that terrifies Mari. The one where Hanson is killing Theo. Naturally, Mari must panic and not consider any other possibility at all…can you tell, how irritating I find her!

She runs and runs into Rossini. The scary man she’s encountered twice. Naturally, she goes off with him and into yet another scary situation. A dangerous path to follow, the Library to enter…and exit.

The Characters

Mariamne “Mari” Niege‘s strengths are in precog and water, a Lightbringer. Thankfully, Hanson is her Watcher because Mari has no concept of safe and the visions that come on her leave her unaware and at risk. Brandon Cochran, Gretchen, and Amy are her roommates and they all seem to take advantage of Mari. Of course, she can be pretty irritating in her wishy-washiness and whining…I’d probably use her, too. None of her roommates like Hanson and are constantly on her back about him even though she is paying double rent for him to be there.

Theodora Morgan is one of the witches and a Lightbringer as well and owns Rowangrove, a shop that sells metaphysical and occult supplies. Dante is her Watcher (see Dark Watcher). Elise Nicholson is another and her power is fire.

All three are now Guardians of the City courtesy of the spell their friend and teacher, Suzanne, a.k.a., Zsuszanna, did when she sacrificed herself in setting the spell that now keeps the city safe.

Rossini is a gargoyle. He guards the Library in between making mischief. Esmeralda is the Librarian with an urgent task for the Guardians; Suzanne was her sister (Dark Watcher). Mrs. Crutcher is the librarian at the college.

Watchers are men given a second chance to redeem themselves by protecting and obeying the witch they are assigned to Watch. They are trained by Circle Lightfall and embedded with a bit of the Dark. The Dark pain is a constant, only relieved when they find the witch who is theirs.

The Cover and Title

The cover is purples and reds in a night scene outside Theo’s shop. Headlights coming down the street outline one of the enemy as lightning flashes and Hanson is jumping down from the roof pulling his sword from its sheath.

The Storm half of the title I can only surmise is from all the storms that seem to follow these two around. The last half — Watcher makes sense as it refers to the series name.