Book Review: Lorelei James’s Cowgirl Up and Ride

Posted April 20, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Lorelei James’s Cowgirl Up and Ride

Cowgirl Up and Ride


Lorelei James

erotic romance in eBook edition that was published by Samhain Publishing on March 18, 2008 and has 260 pages.

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Third in the Rough Riders erotic western romance series set in Wyoming and revolving around the McKay family. The couple focus is on AJ Foster and Cord McKay with some possibilities for Skylar and Kade McKay.

My Take

It’s an unexpected combo of nasty-dirty and sweet-n-nasty with all the sex goin’ down in this neck of Wyoming. Colt has his drunken, drugged-out 24/7 orgy with his roommates and cousins. Kade has his own courtship goin’ on with a woman who thinks he’s his brother. Then there’s AJ and Cord. AJ is hoping to entice Cord into a permanent relationship, but will settle for lots of hot and sweaty sex with the very demanding Cord. While Cord sees their relationship as a good way to spend the time without his son. Except. That’s not how it’s workin’ for him. The more he sees of AJ. The more he gets to know her. The more he wants to keep her.

Lots of undercurrents and sub plots in here with AJ’s momma selling their ranch which tears AJ up something fierce. AJ is a Western gal. She knows how to work a ranch, appreciate a sunset, and simply enjoy the Wyoming landscape. Something Marla never did.

What the hell is she thinking? Demanding that his son fly out and spend time with her? She abandoned them. All that Ky knew of his mother was the six months she’d stuck around after he was born. That left three years and six months, Ky had no clue about his own mother. Now even Cord’s own mother is suggesting that he give in. WTF??

Meanwhile, Macie and Velma are lookin’ to expand the cafe into town.

Anybody looking for ideas for a bachelorette party? These girls have gone above and beyond what with the deep-throat-a-bratwurst contests, bobbing headbands of light-up penises, six-foot-tall inflatable hard-ons, and more.

The Story

Cord’s going out of his mind and it’s only been a week that Ky’s been visiting his mother. Six more weeks to go…! Which is why he’s in the Golden Boot tonight. The same bar where AJ is shakin’ it up, determined that she’s goin’ for it. And, oh, yeah, AJ shakes it up good, so good that Cord is practically drooling in his beer until he suddenly sees her face and is knocked back. It’s the that sexy drinkin’ thing AJ does with the guys though that gets Cord up, out of his seat, and talkin’ to AJ.

When AJ throws down her challenge to do something or just sit back and talk up a storm. Seems AJ wants Cord to teach her all about sex. A challenge Cord is more than willing to take up and show it all to her. There’re just a few rules:

  • AJ is back here in Wyoming to help take care of her momma and that is priority one.
  • Cord doesn’t want anyone to know what they’re up to.
  • It all ends when Ky comes home.
  • All their time together will be naked time.
  • And, he is very demanding in bed…she’d better be okay with saying yes to anything.

And you know this ain’t gonna be the last of it.

Cord isn’t the only one gettin’ hot and heavy. Kade has been enjoying their orgies at the Boars Nest, but it’s gettin’ so a man can’t walk into the living room without it being a boink fest. Meanwhile, Colt is on a downhill spiral and sinking fast. It all comes to a head one week with the added impact of the death of one of the cousins.

The Characters

Amy Jo Foster — call her AJ — has been in love with Cord McKay since he rescued her from a rattler when she was five. Now she’s twenty-two and still in love with him. Her sister Jenn has separated from her no-good husband Alan and moved back to the ranch with her kids Krista, Mason, and Ariel while Jenn and AJ are sharing the nursing of their momma. It’s Jenn who opens AJ’s eyes to not accepting less than everything.

The oldest brother is Cord McKay; his wife Marla divorced him, but he has custody of their son Kyler.

Gemma Jansen is married to Cash Big Crow and they’ve had twins — Ella and Ryder. AJ is sure Cash would be happy to buy their horses. Macie Honeycutt (Cash’s daughter) is married now to the youngest McKay, Carter the artist, and pregnant. Velma owns and runs the Last Chance Diner, and she and Macie are planning to expand and open up another cafe in town. India Ellison is planning to open a tattoo parlor and sell her sister’s Sky Blue skin and hair care products. And there’s a small space right next to the two that would be perfect for AJ’s massage operation…if she only had the money to do it.

Colby McKay is happily married to Channing and retired from the circuit. Colt McKay is furthering the McKay brothers’ rep for dissolute behavior, well, actually, he’s going below and beyond with his drinking, drugs, and sex. Cam McKay is a soldier in Iraq. Keely McKay is the only sister and is pursuing a more advanced degree down in Denver. Carson and Carolyn are their parents.

Kade and Kane McKay are twins; cousins to the McKays. Uncle Darren. Uncle Harland West and his son Dag and daughter Chassie who seems to be hooking up with Trevor Glanzer. That boy sure does get around. Harland made Dag quit rodeo and come home to work the ranch but it’s not what Dag wants so he’s drunk all the time. Skylar thinks she’s dating Kane. Jasmine is real free and easy and happy to take on any friends of Colt’s.

The Cover and Title

It’s consistent. The bottom of the cover gives the impression of carved leather with a floral flourish and a sepia-toned black-and-white of a sly-looking blonde half hidden behind a barn door wearing skintight clothes and a half nude cowboy gathering up a hank of rope.

I’m thinkin’ the title is a challenge to AJ ’cause Cord wants this hot little girl to Cowgirl Up and Ride him like there’s no tomorrow.